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Study and plot the motor speed response at no load for a step change in armature voltage from: 0 V to 200 V.

Category: Engineering Paper Type: Case Study Writing Reference: APA Words: 300

The DC also have the very high  linear control which retort the concert as well as prime lofty torque . There is celerity of DC motor which is depicted in the various equation

The DC motor which is celerity of it and it could also adjust through the disparity of terminal voltage.

The speed response of the DC motor is also drawn through remove the feedback element as well as the dynamic behaviour of the response is calculated

The open loop characteristics of torque-speed relationship are shown in table

Graph :                  


                When the torque increase the speed decrease

II. Closed loop response:

(a)  Design a suitable controller to satisfy the operating condition of zero steady state error under load condition of 10 N.m. (Mention the type and controller parameters).

The unity feedback of the system is and the block diagram is shown as below ;

The transfer function of PID controller is         


In the PID controller the control cannot remove the steady state error which is the only error and it could be abolishes through the integral control. The derivative D for the control action is also axing the amplitude. The block diagram of the control system is also shown

DC motor PID controller

Now there are following parameter which is used for the PID controller

Armature resistance


Armature inductance


Moment of inertia

Friction coefficient

0.01 N.m/(rad/s)

Torque constant

1.25 N.m/A

1.25 V/rad/s

Rated armature voltage


Rated Speed

1500 rpm


(b) Plot the motor speed response of the elaborated closed loop system.


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