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Case Study on Students facing Challenges at York College

Category: Education Paper Type: Case Study Writing Reference: APA Words: 4000

Micro ecosystem: a small piece of large ecosystem used to control experiments in the laboratory.

Macro ecosystem: at large scale, it deals with the relationship of organisms with its environment.

Mezzo ecosystem: it looks at the large group of social work.

The students at York college facing the challenges as they are due to pandemic studying online by Zoom or blackboard. This is very difficult for York college to put classes online overnight. To make face to face study as a digital study. Most of the students are not getting interested in online classes. The students due to online classes not meeting each other and helping classmates in different assignments or enjoying the life of the college. In this situation, the mezzo ecosystem is utilizing as it combines a large group of students as socially at one platform (Goodridge, 2020).

2. Social Service Delivery System:

The public services range is called social services it is provided by the government, private, profit, or non-profit organizations. The aim of these services provided for the public creates organizations more effectively, building the communities stronger, and promoting the opportunity and quality. The facilities and benefits provided by social services are health care, food subsidies, education, etc. the different four types of social service delivery system tell about the different ways of profit that is given by the government for the profit of public. The advantages of these types are they are serving humanity or doing something for their public which results in the economic growth of the country. but as everything in life is not perfect as facilities provided by the government are also not completely meeting the public wants as at certain points the public is not satisfied by the government. This not act as surprisingly.

Please pick four out of the six core values/ethical principles and summarize the meaning of the value IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also discuss (in your own words) why each value you pick helps the social work profession. Do you think they are important or irrelevant? Do you honestly feel like we need these value?

The principles of ethical are:

·         Sexual Relationships

A social worker does not create illegal sexual relationships with its team members.

·         Physical Contact

Social work does not create physical contact when there is the harm of psychological to the client.

·         Sexual Harassment

A social worker does not involve in sexual harassment of clients because its unethical and sexual harassment includes sexual advances.

·         Payment of Services

When fees are set the social worker checks the fees is fair, and reasonable which meeting the provided services.

These principle ethics tells about the social workers that the social worker does not build sexual relationships with their client if a social worker builds a sexual relationship then he takes his client away from the office to not get any harm to professional life. If the interruption is services take place by a shortage of product or by any other reason the social worker satisfies the clients and provide the product service when the product is available. The social work terminates the services as when services meet to the customer desire or fulfil the need of customer or services reached at the stock the social worker terminate the services. These are the ethics that are relevant to the profession of social work. As in our society, there is a major lack of ethics, we should have to build these ethics to meet clients or customer satisfaction. I chose these ethics because they are necessary to build in society (Preamble, 2018).

What social justice issue do you think is the most urgent in today's world?

As we are living in the modern era, where everyone is connected through different social media apps, or travelling is also played a great role in shortening the world. The world is modifying everything by new emerging technology but there are many circumstances issues in which we need justice. The world is facing a different crisis due to the justice issue. There are so many justice issues which may include education, inequity, slavery, and so on. The one urgent issue of justice is slavery after the crisis war in the United States starting Slavery of African black people or other alternatives. In America, white people are considered as wise whereas black people not. The police of America also arrest black people rather than the white Americans it is stated by the psychology association. White Americans are preferred over black Americans. According to a report the American people have seven times more wealth than the Black people (Maryville, 2017).

Do you think that our criminal justice system needs to be reformed? Why or why not?

We need to reform the criminal justice system as people living in prison for a long time and after releasing from prison. They face many problems as a society not accept them. The majority of them are uneducated and have no skill to apply for just a little option left for them is slavery or the maturity of people are rearrested due to their again crime. This takes place when they are searching for employment and no one accepting them. Then they do again crime with more potential. We need to reform our criminal justice system by giving them some skills, education in different fields during their time spend in Prison. This would happen when they leave prison. They have some skills and they utilize their skill in different fields and earn money to settle their life again and not do the crime again. This reformation is very important (Mosteller, 2018).

If you could make lasting change, what kind of changes would you make to the way we view crime and punishment in the United States.

If I were a leader, I will change the crime rate in the United States which is extended to 1.2 billion. There are 1.2 billion people are in prisons. Due to different criminal reports, they are punished for different periods. The lasting change that we can do is we start educating them about different topics and give some programming skills to them. As, when they release from the prison serve humanity as well as survive in society. When a criminal released from prison his worth, or importance of personality is distorted in society. Mostly society does not accept them just think about him or her crime. This causes trouble for criminals who get punished but not getting their rights in society. Many criminals are uneducated so educate them to make able of something but it causes many costs. In 2006, the American government invested too much cost on the prison (CURRIE, 2016).

Do you think that our political system is "broken"? Do you think it's important to vote?

As we all know our democracy is disturbed. The means of democracy is the power of government utilized by the people. When politicians need votes, they give us opportunities as ice-creams. For campaign backbone support of wealth is needed. The political system of our politics is "broken". As in the united states of America, they are only 33% of people interested and voted by believing that our government will do well. According to me, the voting system is important, we have to do vote to our favourite personalities as less fraud held at polling stations. Most of the politician do several fake votes to themselves. After five years we get the opportunity to elect a president on ourselves which devote his life to four of our country success. But most of the ill it not happens not a few changes they do in the country to show people other they take benefit for themselves (Smith, 2014).

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