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Case Study on Different kind of the Business Ethics

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Business is a set of different goals and ethics. No business is perfect and I believe that if each and every business starts following the certain ethics accordingly then it becomes really easy for a business group to get established in a perfect way. There are many business organizations that do follow some of the ethics while there are many who don’t at all. It varies from area to area. Business ethics are being made accordingly so that they can be followed not to neglect them. If all these business ethics are being followed in an appropriate way then obviously everyone would get their rights and results would be great and amazing (Pinto, 2013).  Here we are going to have a look at some of the very basic and common business ethics in detail.

Different kind of the Business Ethics

Utilitarian is also termed as Utilitarianism, it is one of the ethical theory that easily determines about the right from the wrong throgh having a look on different outcomes. This is also the form of consequentialism. This Utilitarianism holds up for one of the most ethical choice and that is the one that will definitely produce for the greatest number of the goods for the greatest number. In simple words this Utilitarian theory is in the language of philosophy and this helps to distinguish the right and wrong actions in an appropriate way. This is the theory which states that each and every action seems to be justifiable if it helps to bring out the most amount of the happiness for many people at a time. Now one thing that seems bit different here is that how this theory is being used in the business? Well the aspect of this theory utilitarian helps to suggest out that all kind of the actions seems to be good and in actual are good as well for the greatest wellbeing of the whole society or many people as well. In a certain business, management is the one that may decide for increasing out the wages along with the benefits of their different employees only if it improves out the wellbeing or even promotes the happiness of all their employees in a positive way by doing actions that give them benefit. (De George, 2011)

Justice is not a new word at all. This justice is at times all about overriding the principles along with the fairness is known to be more common related to the fact that how all these principles are being applied to the certain set of the different situations or even the specific situation as well. Same like a philosophy, as it is about the different overriding principles along with the ethics that how the principles are being applied. Justice and fairness is being concerned with different processes, actions and the consequences that are considered morally right and honorable. In an essence to the virtue of the fairness as it establishes the moral standards for the certain different kind of the decisions that easily affect out the others. Fair decisions are being made in an accurate way that is based on the criteria that is exact and appropriate. Justice should be present in the business as it refers to the different values to treat the people with the standard of performance that seems to be consistent and based in an equal way to the commitments. This means to treat customers in a fair way as well. (Ferrell, 2015)

Rights are the expectations about anything that deserves or even in the way to act that is being justified by the legal or even the moral foundation as well. Ethical behavior here for sure needs to recognize as well as respect the different kind of the rights that belongs to each and every individual person along with the whole society as well. This rights word is not new at all. Everyone should be given equal right in the business organization and they should be treated accordingly. This word right approaches the asserts here that all of the human beings have their different fundamental rights along with different set of the liberties which can’t be taken away from them through the decision of an individual person (Pinto, 2013).

Common Good, Out of five different theories of business ethics, this is the forth one. While debriefing the dilemma of ethics, common good is the approach that can be useful when any of the issue gets to be involved or even it should involve the overall picture or even the environment. Three different essential elements for the common good include. Respect of the person, social well-being and the development of a group along with the security and peace as well. Common good is the theory that plays one major and vital role, all of the relevant or appropriate interests along with the facilities all together make up a common good and above all this also acts as the shared standpoint for the deliberation of politics. Common good is one important concept in the political philosophy due to a reason that it plays one of the central role in the philosophy reflection related to the public as well as the private dimension for the social life. (Trevino, 2016)

Last one is the virtue, there are different stakeholders which expect certain qualities that include the fairness, competency, honesty and the courage along with many of the moral and non-moral experiences. All these are the qualities which build up the trust for a business along with the leaders. Virtue in the business ethics is the person as compared to the action based, it looks out at a virtue or even the moral character of a single person that carries out an action, as compared to just some of the ethical duties along with the rules or consequences of actions that seems to be particular. Virtue has a positive role and there are very straight as well as clear advantage for the theory of a virtue. Among all of the advantages, there is a capability to explain that what is the thing that motivates our actions along with the reason for not being impartial in all of the different situations? Virtue is very important because it is the moral excellence along with the exhibition of all the good behavior by a single person. Virtue is the term or word that is universal and is also recognized highly by different cultures and traditions of the whole world. They are important as well because they are considered to be the basic qualities that are important for our wellbeing along with the happiness as well. (Crane, 2019)

Brazilian Case study

Different case studies have been mentioned here and all of them are being involved with these different kinds of the ethical points. The case study which we are going to discuss here is about the Brazilian construction company that has been caught up for one of the major case of corruption. Different things are being done in the business area under the cover just to make their position strong in the community and these things are obviously done in an unethical way therefore are being done under the cover. Well starting from the beginning, what I have learned or studied in the project is something very similar to the one that we have just talked that companies do certain things under the cover, there are chances that they may succeed at the start or even twice but the things that are being done in an unethical way are obviously unethical and no one can change them. Same is the case here with this company, it was making a deal of many million dollars and to make that deal successful they bribed and obviously bribery is the act that is not considered fair and comes in the act of against the ethics of business. We have studied above in the business ethics that no matter what justice and fairness should be the part of business no matter whether it is inside the company among employees or outside the company while making deals. This company is the one that didn’t follow any of such ethics rule and suffered a lot. Next thing that I have identified is about the employees, they were completely unaware of the acts that were being done in the company and this resulted in a big disaster. Obviously each and every individual needs to be completely aware that what is happening in their company or organization so coming further, we already discussed the point that all the team members need to be treated in a good behavior and in an appropriate way to make things work out in a good way but here this is the organization that failed completely. Ethics and rules are being made up for the companies same like the rules being set by the government to follow them because if they are not being followed things may get worse. Every company has their own set of rules and ethics on which they work but this doesn’t mean at all that one should forget that what the actual rules and ethics and start are making their own. Rules are pretty much simple and can give one company a huge profit if goes through a right way. Obviously this is a time taking act but here the reward definitely would be great so always try to follow the act or else the result would be like these companies and at the end everyone needs to suffer. Another thing being identified here is that employees were not being treated as they should be and they were not being given appropriate and rightful acts as they deserve. They used to work hours and hours that is not a right way to deal with the employees. These may seem to be very small issues or problems for the reader but when all of them come up together they result in a bad way and it has been seen here already in the case studies without any time gap.

Volkswagen Case Study

Different case studies have been mentioned but here we are going to have a look at the case study that is about the Volkswagen. This case didn’t follow all the rules ethically. This is a basic rule for any organization to work out that whenever any project is being assigned to one person to complete it in a certain time then furthermore small group members are the ones that pursue them or help them to complete the project according to the instructions that are being given by the leader to them. Obviously this happens that being an in charge for any of the project means just to give out the orders and nothing else. In the Volkswagen case, same is the case. It has been notified or given a task to make up an engine in the given time period for the ease and safety of the people, so that people can have maximum benefit. Well by the time the engine has been developed it didn’t work out that properly as it should have done and the reasons are so much which we will be discussing later on but the main thing here is that all of the blame was being put on the team members by the project leader and this is very bad and against all the ethical rules. This was not justice and each and every things needs to be considered accordingly. This is against the law or ethics of the business. It has been notified that if something has went wrong then accept it or otherwise just don’t put the blame on others. So this was a very bad act. Next thing that I have identified in the case study is that each and every employee should be treated equally along with this they should also be given some leverage to do somethings according to their own thinking and perspective because they are the one who works on the projects and when they know better what actions are supposed to be done, when and how. Simply just don’t put orders on them as if they are not human beings and they are just the robots. So try to give them some of their space and let them decide as well because things can go against the project if all the instructions are being given by the leader without listening that what others are saying or try to say as it has been done in the case study of Volkswagen. Another thing that I have noticed here in this project is that the time period was short and the project was big and everyone was under pressure. There is no need to get stressed out or take pressure because things will obviously take time as they have to. No one is going to change the time period. Due to this all stress, another thing that has been notice dis that everyone was being given hard and tough time. There was no time at all for them to get relaxed, no weekends and no holidays nothing at all. This made them freaked out. Obviously this is also against the ethics as it is clear that everyone do needs break to carry out the certain tasks or otherwise result may get disastrous as it happened here in the case study. So these are the small things that are not being considered or taken up seriously but when they gather and then results into the large ones and results come out to be disastrous. So it is better to understand all things before time as compared to just sit and wait for the things to get messed up.

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