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Task 1:

1.         The influence of management and leadership styles on your own educational practice.

Influence or impact of management and leadership styles on your won educational practice seems to be one of the largest as well as most important variable that causes a great impact here. Management requires everything to be subtle and according to the plan which the whole team has made. The management wants each and everything to be perfectly accurate no matter what and for this they also make everyone to report the activities on daily basis. Leadership style in an own educational practice involves some points which are fairness, presence along with a very dense diversification as well in the stimulation of all the changes that are being required or needed on a large scale. Both of these factors also make sure to involve any kind of the social impact that takes place by only one single person or even a group of different people as well to structure down all of the activities and the associations that takes place in any group of an organization. Influence of management and leadership styles can make one of a very rapid and quick change in an educational practice and further on, it also lead towards the increased pressures of an accountability too. (Behrendt, 2017)

2.         The contribution of leadership to your own education provision.

Leadership is not just a word here but it makes a very strong contribution to the education provision. First of all, educational leadership is the one that simply creates out the whole vision for the complete success of an academics along with the students as well that are part of that particular academic session. Leadership contribution is considered to be much important because there has always been considered as one of the major historical gap that is between the students that are based upon the different type of the socio-economical levels along with the students that have high achievements and low too. Another contribution which the leadership has played in the education provision is that it successfully delegates each and every kind of the responsibility to the others. Moving further, this is not just it but it has successfully played one of the important role in the development as well as the contribution to the overall program development. Leadership is not just responsible for making different laws and the traditions that has been seen in any of the organization but it has also provided mentoring, professionalism support, regulation and the complete guidance for different teachers that are the part of an educational provision. It has also helped a lot in making the environment much better and positive, students and teachers have very special kind of connection and bonding. This is all because of the contribution of leadership in the educational provision. Every individual who is a part of an educational provision have positive thinking and they enjoy learning as well as giving lessons to the listeners. (Rahbi)

3.         How leadership can be adapted to different situations.

Four different type of the steps have been mentioned for how leadership can be adapted to the different types of situations:

Detection: This is the very first step for any kind of change that needs to be identified. Take an example of military here, before setting out the plan for any of the next mission that has been known the very first step is to know and understand about the environment in which they have to operate. So here the very first step is to know about the situation and analyze it completely that what needs to be done and how things can be done in an accurate way.

Adaption: The second step that has been known is adaption, it is much important affords out the space not just in the physical sense but the mental space as well. It allows to adjust the mid-course that is completely based upon all of the new information and this is the point where adaptability simply comes in. (Bernarto, 2020)

Choose: Choosing all of the right type of a leadership style completely depends upon the number of different factors. This requires complete attention and care while choosing an accurate kind of the leadership style because once it gets selected there is not a way for going back.

Adaptation: This is another last step that has been seen, once an individual has detected all of the right kind of leadership style that needs to be employed, the next step that is being required is the adaptation of mindset and the behavior as well that is towards that style. Adapting one of the new leadership style into the repertoire simply allows an individual to call upon. (Veliu, 2017)












Task 2:

1.         The impact of legislation and government policies on educational leadership practice.

There are many different kind of the local communities that needs to operate different educational provisions then implement as well as enforce all of the state laws with different policies that needs to be developed as well as implemented on their own educational policies. Proper hiring and the supervising all of the professional teaching staff also becomes one of the major duty here for the government. Legislation also plays a very major role as every educational provision needs to be complied completely with different types of the legal requirements. As all of these certain laws and the different codes of practice start changing out in a very frequent way, one needs to seek an advice along with the complete support as well through the help of governing body. Legislation and Government both of these major groups are responsible for making a huge impact on all of the education leadership practices and they all are equally important as they are for the rules and regulations of any country along with the people living there. Another impact which they have on the educational leadership practice is to make sue about the success in academic through certain different process, materials and all along with different type of the improvements that have been seen by the training sessions that are given. This is mostly accomplished by the help of complete collaboration with number of different individuals who are the part of educational leadership practice like educators, parents, students, teachers, makers of the different policies and the last one is the overall public ratio. (Supriyadi, 2020)

2.         The impact of organizational values and ethics on educational leadership practice.

There has been seen one of the huge impact of organizational values and the ethics as well on the educational leadership practice. Organizational values that is considered to be prominent in almost each and every action where the overall concept of an organization is being articulated and it has been addressed in the certain dimensions by almost every type of the educational practice. Same along the ethical leaders, they are fully answerable for the different type of the actions. All of them take the full responsibility for each and every decision along with the interaction as well that makes all of them in the educational practice. They are also fully capable of building out a trust with the Teachers, Students and the administration of the educational provision by saying out that what would all of them do in every situation. Moving further, ethical leadership is being defined as one of the leadership that is demonstrating as well as promoting an appropriate and accurate conduct by certain different personal actions along with some of the relations that are interpersonal as well. Organizational values and ethics on the educational leadership practice helps all of them to act in a well-mannered form and meet all of the requirements that are being required by the team of any organizational provision.

3.         Methods of improving leadership practice.

Every individual has its own capacity to which they work, some have in born talent for the leadership while some develop over the time period. People who have inborn talent can improve out their leadership practice. Below mentioned are some of the strategies through which people can improve out their leadership practice:(Hallinger, 2018)

Practicing for the discipline:

A good leader is the one who knows each and everything about discipline which can be applied at different situations. Development of the discipline in a professional life is considered to be one of the effective step for being an efficient leader. If an individual starts working on their discipline and try to improve it, this is one of the best way to improve out the leadership practice. Demonstration of the discipline at working place is being observed through meeting different deadlines, keeping up to all of the appointments and then end all the meetings on an accurate time without making any delay in them.

Start taking more projects:

One of the great way for the improvement of leadership practice is to take up more responsibility rather than just simply going along with the regular or usual life activities. Obviously one should not take a hold on more than certain things which they can’t easily handle. But here one thing needs to be considered and that is if one wants to improve their leadership practice they definitely have to work way more than the daily life activities. (Asif, 2019)

Always try to follow the ideas of others:

It is not an easy to go thing at all for agreeing on the different ideas that are being given by other individuals. One always want to do best for them and which suits them the most. But here is a point that if someone really wants to improve out their leadership skills, all the need to do is go through the ideas of others that are being presented by the others that are around. One should always give respect to different values and traditions of other individuals.

Be an inspiration for others:

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you are the head, being a leader one should always try to motivate others that are around them and be an inspiration for other people. One of the best way to improve the leadership practice is whenever anyone needs any kind of the help or guidance, be their support by all means and be there for them in no time.


Keep on learning:

One of the very best way to improve out the leadership practice is always try to learn new things in life rather than just thinking about the fact that being a leader they know everything. No this is not accurate at all. One should always be an open minded and ready to accept new things and learn from them as much as possible.

4.         The value of leading innovation in educational organizations.

There is a huge value of the leading innovation in different educational organizations. This leading innovation is a technique that simply combines different types of the leadership styles for influencing others along with the production of certain innovative ideas and their services as well. Value of the leading innovation in educational organization is that it helps out many different teachers and students capable for the fact which they really want to do. This help out in making things much easier for them, without the presence of leading innovation this factor would have not been that much possible. This also helps out in letting different teachers in an educational organization to think in the way which they really want to. As every institute has their own trends and traditions according to which they work, they also bound many teachers to think and teach students in that particular way. But here the value for the leading innovation is a lot and it has helped a lot as well in vast varieties that have been discussed above. Students are even free to learn according to the way they want to. This has made people think in their own way and let them be positive towards the learning phase as well. Leading innovation in the educational organization transforms an individual, it also transforms the student along with the complete institute too in less time. (Fry, 2017)


5.         The impact of awarding organizations values and ethics on leadership.

This is much clear that culture is considered to be one of the critical part in the educational organization. Every organization has their own type of employees and they work according to the rules and traditions being set by them. All along with following the traditions by employees, they also have some of the very strong ethics culture which they easily know that what kind of the behavior is being expected and what kind of the behavior is considered to be unacceptable. Therefore it is considered to be much imperative that educational organization follow different ethics and values according to the need. Values and ethics on the leadership are important and the impact of awarding an organization is that Ethical leadership can simply provide different set of the value to the business through inspiring and motivating different employees that work in an organization and then they live up to the values of company. Here an experience suggests out that ethical leadership is the one that lead towards the greater employee satisfaction and then it also lower down the turnover rates. Through this, different employees start making better and quick decisions in a very less time period as the guidance of principles. This also increase the level of productivity and the morale of overall employee too. (Aryati, 2018)







Task 3:


1.         Explain the organization’s structure, functional areas and managerial roles.

Organizational structure here is associated with the educational purpose. It has been concluded out that education is considered to be the most important step in every person’s life. Along with this, educational provision is further divided into four different levels and they are, pre-primary, compulsory, upper secondary and the higher education. The functional areas and managerial roles for an organization are associated with building a strong nation and community by providing basic education to all of the individuals and make them capable of doing something in their life.

2.         Review leadership requirements in your own educational organization.

Requirement of a leadership in an educational organization helps in the creation of vision for getting an academic success for all of the students that are part of an educational organization and want to learn different things in broad spectrum. This is considered to be really important or essential there has always been a huge type of historical gap between the students on certain different levels of socio-economics. Leadership style in an own educational practice involves some points which are fairness, presence along with a very dense diversification as well in the stimulation of all the changes that are being required or needed on a large scale.(Zhang, 2018)

3.         Create a leadership strategy to support organizational objectives.

Leadership strategy is a kind of map which simply makes an alignment for all of the investments in the development of leadership having different type of the strategy, goals along with the motivations as well. Different steps are being involved here for the creation of leadership strategy to support the different type of organizational objectives that are described below:

The very first step is to start with the leadership drivers, one need to determine all of the key leadership drivers of an educational provision.(da Silva, 2019)

Identification of different leadership strategy inferences, as soon as individual determine about all the key drivers, different kinds of the leadership strategy inferences can easily be known.














Task 3:

1.         Assess own leadership capabilities and performance in your own educational setting.

Assessing different types of the leadership capabilities along with the ratio if performance in own educational setting can be bit difficult but yes it makes people to analyze things much closely and then compare with others too. It can easily told that how things can be done and how they can be improved as well. The overall concept that is related to the emotional intelligence as being developed by the different scholars and how it can be easily applied to the different type of the leadership roles.

·         They know and understand the overall value and worth for building a community and making it effective as well.

·         Empowering different teachers from every subject and cultivation of the leadership skills as well.

·         Utilization of data along with the resources too.

·         Complete vision along with a direct plan.

·         Passionate about the work and have motivation as well.

2.   Assess own ability to apply different leadership styles in a range of situations.

Leadership varies from one situation to the other, at times this leadership status finds to be very affirmative while at situations it acts in a complete different and opposite way. To become much more effective and efficient, all of the leader definitely get to know that how they can easily influence other people who are around them. A very standard definition that has been seen for this leadership is an overall process for causing an impact on the behavior of other individuals to achieve a goal. Below mentioned is the list of different leadership styles:

Directing leaders are those which simply direct all of the subordinates by letting others know that how when and where a certain task needs to be done. They are highly supportive in every kind of the situation. (Liphadzi, 2017)

Participative leaders easily consult with number of different employees. These leaders are from the group who are highly oriented. They are also much supportive.

Supporting leaders are friendly as compared to those who have been discussed above. They treat all of the sub-ordinates in an equal way and they also offer a high as well as low directive kind of an environment.

Leaders who are achievement oriented, they have certain goals in their mind and try their best to follow them in every situation. They try to achieve all the goals as they are goal oriented and challenge accepting.

3.         Evaluate own ability to motivate others and build commitment within your own organization’s values and goals.

People can be easily motivated by staying within all the values and goals. It is not that much easy to motivate others but this can be done in an easy way by simply telling them about the path and letting other individuals know about the worth and value for achieving goals. When example is being set and shown to the people who needs to be motivated, people try to accomplish them and be better in every situation as well. Motivation can only be done by realizing others about the worth and value of success

4.         Plan priorities for future practice to develop new capabilities and enhance existing ones.

There are different steps that need to be fulfilled for the future practice to develop all of the new capabilities and enhance all the existing ones too. The very first step is to gather all of the information that whether an educational institute is running in an effective way or not. And what are the short comes that needs to be fulfilled. The next step is making decisions on time as per the situation. The next step includes the drafting of plan. When things are being done accurately it simply enhance all the capabilities that are already existing. Educational provision can work in an effective way when all the things are pre-planned and they are being managed appropriately.
















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