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Which of the changes at Whole Foods did you expect? Which were unexpected? What are the benefits or drawbacks of these changes?

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(1) Which of the changes at Whole Foods did you expect? Which were unexpected? What are the benefits or drawbacks of these changes?

            It is always a big thing when two renowned business ventures collaborate or merge as opportunities are there to capture, and customers also expect some great news for them. The six months have passed from the date, when Whole Foods was taken over by Amazon. It was big news for everyone, as both organizations have a great customer base and brand recognition. When I first heard about this acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, I expected few things.

And when I see the changes described in the article, I must admit that my expectations have been met by Amazon. For instance, I thought that it would be great if Amazon would provide free home delivery with less time period to provide Whole Foods grocery items, and it is great to see that they are already doing it by providing delivery to their Prime users. But I do expect that they will make this service available for all customers very soon.

            Secondly, I was expecting that Amazon is trying to mark its presence in tough market of grocery industry, so they need to cut prices for various items so that they can grab the attention of more customers. It is nice to see that they have already started cutting prices, but I believe that they are not doing as much as it should be done in this regard. I must admit that in initial few months, I was not expecting Amazon to provide their gadgets and such items in the Whole Foods store, but they also have made this change, and electronic stands have been installed.

For me, it seems an interesting idea that customers will get different items under one roof. But still, its success is dependent on the response by customers. Overall, these changes are looking good for both Amazon and Whole Foods, and if these changes get a good response from majority of customers, then Amazon can focus to enhance the efficiency of these changes so that more and more customers can enjoy great shopping and discounts. But Amazon must review comments and feedback provided by customers to see that what is going in right direction, and then mitigates those mistakes to get customer satisfaction.

(2) What effect do you think the changes at Whole Food will have on competition in the retail grocery segment?

The changes done in order to increase the sale of the products present in the whole food department. The changes always bring unique results in terms of increasing the sales of the stores. The first thing they changed in their store is that they have brought change in the branding of the products they sale in their store. This brings a great increase in the sale of the products because people have realized the thing that they have now using those brands who are good for them. The next thing that they change was the delivery timings of the products to the people. They time taken by them for the delivery was lessen and this thing is making the grocery easy for them as they have the facility that the grocery will be send to their home as soon as possible. The other change was the price cuts that they have brought to a decreasing rate so that people will purchase more from them and their sale scale increases on a high rate. The change in the gadgets used by people to set the rates for purchasing also brings unique differences in the purchasing power of the people as they can purchase more by them because they have been given facilities of purchasing at home that saves their time as a must. Some kind of private foods that have unique labels on the products are also replaced by the grocery retailers as they are going to manage the sale of their products very much increasing and the best part is that it has the most efficient and effective way of networking as a whole. This thing has increased the trust of people more o them and this thing has brought more attraction of the customers towards their stores as a must. 

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