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Advantages of Organizational behavior

        One of the easiest ways to replicate the success is to emulate all the factors and parameters of the success. The success evaluation of famous billionaire demonstrates some factors that are required to be evaluated. In order to improve the success levels for the new comers in the business it is highly important to find the reasons of success. The case study shows dozens of incredible factors for the success of those whom are not inherited with vast wealth. From the case study, it is evident that different challenges are faced by the young female entrepreneurs (Alberto, 2006). For instance, Blakely also gone through all the obstacles that were based on issues and problems. In the perception of people, the lack of abilities is one of the major issues, but the case study describes that lack of efforts is one of the major issues. The failure of law school was initial step for th e success story of entrepreneur Blakely. After reading the case study, reader comes to know how Blakely initiated that business even when working on different sales, sales manager, and the cold calling customer. All her efforts provided a boosting factor towards the success. The self-taught component of business was due to these small businesses (Ameen, et al., 2018).

References of Advantages of Organizational behavior

Alberto, D. M., 2006. Modeling project behavior. Research Conference: New Directions in Project Management, 01(03), pp. 01-10.

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