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Disadvantages of Organizational behavior

            Most often it is observed that readers misunderstand all the factors analyzed in the case study. According to the case study life is too short to hang out with different and people, but it requires continuous struggle and hard work to reach the goals. According to the case analysis Sarah Blakely was willing to have mistaken. The case shows failure issues and how Beckley overcome all the circumstances (Ameen, et al., 2018). The biggest disadvantage of a business man is to be loving for creative work. For the success of business, it is important to introduce doubt strategy that increases managing motherhood. During the initial stages of business Beckley gave birth to her first child. Therefore, it was highly difficult to manage both career and motherhood. Beckley is believing upon internal attribution. According to their products he was creating different projects that were most boring categories ever. The external attributions towards the disadvantages are growing up mind of people. At the beginning of case study, the friends of declaring refused due to different a condition. It is highly important it to analyses the type of product and how it can be altered or changed (Bennett, 2003).

References of Disadvantages of Organizational behavior 

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