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Recommendations of Organizational behavior

            In such kind of business there is a vast majority of ups and downs. The owner uses three stage model of creativity for the analysis of a decision-making procedure. The Reader and customer can learn from the story of success and creativity (Ecs. csun. edu, 2019). The three-stage model include three stages causes, creative behavior and creative outcomes. In case of first step that is possible causes, the owner and customers must keep the mindset positive and creative. Today's highly important to keep the mind working in business. Besides 1 successful Idea there are 999 failures. In the second step is important to follow the ideas for the success. Blakely kept going through new think and new ways to accomplish the goal (Lithopoulos, Savvas, Ruddell, Rick, 2011). World considering such kind of issue continuous success factors. It is important to have attitude that work on new ideas and spend hours on business. The final step of three change model is to reap the reward of the all the action. In case of full present case study, the order was living premier as full entrepreneur. The simple point to open new opportunities and new ideas and consider the diversity of actions and Perkins. It is important to to follow different structures factory. According blackly case study it is important to live with dream of business. The competitor, follower and others can follow her actions of accomplishing the goals. It is important to open new ideas and opportunity is with their consistency in the network (Lithopoulos, Savvas, Ruddell, Rick, 2011).  The actions should be persistent with the goals. The creativity in the work is a personality trait that is inherent to the individuals on their birth. Besides other issues can be created and improved through the whole life. Body surface of the business dual important to think out of the box and to face various situation in life. Thinking outside the box in order to learn from creativity. It can be used to deal with various aspects of life. Initially before starting the business all the required data sets required to be adjusted. However, the reward of changing the policy and strategy is in the form of continuous customers (Asadollahfardi & Asadi, 2018). On the basis of this case study it is important to analyses the whole situation and dense along with some of the suggestions to improve the customer. Initially with some days it is important to adjust the name of company. From the case study the owners and workers can learn how to manage and notices the business with greater reward (Ameen, et al., 2018). Unfortunately, the initial ideas of Blakely were rejected before introducing any change to the business. The business initiated by Black Label provide higher range of opportunities. Advertising ideas and concept were rejected continue to work. The ideology of failing many times in the business is the mean ideology for the success of business. It is important to keep trying and keep finding the solution during the business (Ameen, et al., 2018)

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