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Introduction of Adidas Digital Marketing

        In today’s era off technology, the organizations cannot get away from digital marketing platforms, because digital marketing plan can be a great tool for organizations to achieve their set goals and objectives. The digital lifestyle is increasing with the passage of time because smart phones and internet is getting more space in lives of people, and this trend is most likely to continue with great potential for the companies. The businesses can take a close look at these trends and they can also measure the situation by analyzing successful digital marketing strategy of other business organizations. There are so many examples to give that how companies boosted their growth and sales with the help of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. So, this is going to be a way forward for almost every business that they must consider developing a detail digital marketing plan, which composes a great strategy to align with their goals and objectives. The companies have to identify their goals that what they want to achieve through digital marketing plan and they can engage their audience in big numbers. The role of social media will always be a crucial one in this regard because various famous social media platforms are providing huge opportunities to businesses, which they can capture and achieve short as well as long term success (Barnhart, 2019)

            Like many other companies, Adidas also understood that digital marketing strategy is important for their long-term success especially competing with competitors like Nike. If one giant of the business will make a big step towards anything, then the other has to follow the lead, otherwise they may lose competitive advantage. So, when Nike came forward with a dedicated digital marketing strategy, Adidas did realize the situation and they also introduced a strong digital marketing strategy in 2018 which really boosted their business in so many ways. The net profit of the company observed 20% rise and fact of the matter is that these numbers were not expected by the business analysts. Adidas has very much realized that digital and social platforms are transforming the lifestyle and behavior of consumers, so if they want to stay ahead in the competition, they will have to keep attracting consumers through a well thought and implemented digital marketing plan. In sports apparel industry, Adidas wants to be the number one beating all its competitors, and they know that they can’t achieve this feat without a comprehensive digital marketing plan (Erkilic, 2018). In this paper, a comprehensive digital marketing plan for Adidas will be developed and discussed with all relevant elements.

References of Adidas Digital Marketing 

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