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Introduction about the France Education trip of seven days

In this case study, there is a complete discussion of the PowerPoint file. This file was about the educational trip to France. There are some questions about the slides that are given in this section. Every question is related to the context of this file. The presenter of this file is Rachel. She has to present these slides. There are questions related to the formatting of the slides.

Question and answers about the slides

The presentation is about the France Education trip of seven days. The main purpose of this presentation is to show what educational trip is and what kind of this is learned during this trip. According to the information, it can be seen that it is completely primarily information because this presentation is giving all the facts about this tour in detail (Patricia Rogin, 2009).

No, these slides are not ending up by asking for a sale. The reason is that at the ending of these slides, there is proper information about the advertisement for the organization. This slide is giving information that is mentioned in the about us page. There is an oral advertisement on the Journeyfree website. No, the presenter is also not leaving the audience to think about the content because there is a proper explanation about the content of the presentation (Knoblauch, 2013).

There is some question that may ask;

In that presentation, there are some pictures of the places, and also there is no proper information  mention about these places. I may be asked the presenter the name of these places. The next question is that the cost breakdown of the trip is estimated or real and also its explanation.

At the beginning of the presentation, Rachel has to give a proper overview of the whole presentation in detail. Tell the audience about the importance of an educational trip. These lines also boost up the confidence level of Rachel and also helped to gain the attention of the audience.

The presentation is divided into 5 parts, and it is one of the best structures and also effective. The reason is that this structure is dealing with the whole presentation, and also it is explaining all points of the presentation in detail. Every section of the presentation has its own structure that is giving complete information about the presentation (Sebok, 2013).

The transition slide is effective when there are about more than 80 slides. For that slide this presentation, this slide is not playing a major role because there are just 5 sections. This can be explained in a better way than this additional transition slide. The presenter may able to add the title slide for the section he is going to discuss.

From the presentation, I will recommend to Rachel that she have to consider Summarize your main message. The reason is that through this category, it will be easy for the audience to take a proper overview of the whole presentation. This category will discuss some important points from the whole presentation (Ludvik, 2013).

According to the presentation that is given, there is a need for a presenter. It is not a stand-alone presentation. The reason is that the information in these slides is not complete. For explaining these points, Rachel would need properly written material. This material would be overviewed by Rachel and then presented to the audience in a proper way.

The template and visual style of the presentation is perfect. The reason is that every picture is easily viewed, and also, the font size is ideal. The template that has been chosen for the slide is also accurate for viewing. The template color is light that is making the visualization better for the audience.

According to the information, it can be seen that all bullets points are parallel to each other. There are some slides that are extremely crowded. The reason is that it contains a lot of information and also a picture at the bottom. If that image is shifted at aside, then these slides would be less crowded than before. In slide no 2, there is a need for revising. The reason is that it contains a lot of information and an image.

Yes, this pie chart is extremely easy to read; the reason is that there is a proper title is mentioned on the pie chart. This title is telling about the real definition of the chart. On the other hand, the font size is proper, that is giving information about the elements of the pie chart. The next thing is that color differentiation is perfect.

Conclusion of the France Education trip of seven days

Summing up all the discussion from above, it is concluded that every PowerPoint slide is giving information about the whole topic. There are several questions about the slide that were answered in a comprehensive way. All of these questions are completely related to the main topic of the given slide. The background wallpaper of the slide must be proper, and it also contains the proper font size of the text.

Reference of t the France Education trip of seven days

Knoblauch, H. (2013). PowerPoint, Communication, and the Knowledge Society. Cambridge University Press.

Ludvik, M. J. (2013). Assessing Student Learning in the Community and Two-Year College: Successful Strategies and Tools Developed by Practitioners in Student and Academic Affairs. Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Patricia Rogin, M. E. (2009). Business Communication: Process and Product. Cengage Learning,.

Sebok, S. L. (2013). Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Complete. Cengage Learning.



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