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Strategies for Leadership: A Ford Case Study

The key forces in the general and the industry environments that affect the Ford’s choice of strategies include  The environmental forces keeps the Ford Industry in struggle because there many changes in the environment including the rapid change in the taste of the customers, because the customers taste rapidly changes due to the need of new and more advanced technology and improved system of the cars, moreover the industry was in developing process that time so that they react to these requirements a bit late. More over the industry forces that affect the strategies of Ford include the new global manufacturing practices that were stated in the counties of Japan, Korea, and Malaysia and after some time in China as well. In these countries the development was supported with innovative ideas and more creative techniques to develop the products. A process called the lean production process was used in different countries because it is a more effective process in terms of the production and this process is beneficial in terms of that this process results in fewer flaws and defects and this process take few years to develop a product that has greater values and that utilize lower levels of the stocks.

This lean producer process has become a significant marketing technique and an advantage for different companies to develop the product more efficiently and more appropriately in less time with low budget. Moreover, the Ford Company has to look over the choices and requirements of the people and the global trends that are in the market to produce a more effective and attractive car design or product to meet the requirements of the people as well as the global market. So these environmental and industrial forces affect the strategies of the Ford and how he can improve his strategies and can look over at their operations to so that he can develop more innovative and creative product and can compete in the market with other strong competitors so that the company can reduce the threats and the gap between the For company and their competitors in order to achieve a strong position in the market, because Ford vision is more broad and they want to become one of the largest automotive company in the world, so they have to look upon the environmental and industrial forces that keeps the company in pressure and due to this pressure they cannot cope up with the situations and cannot achieve their desired goals.

The ford company is passionate to gain a position in the world. So, the main think that makes this company competitive is their passion to be successful in the world and in the market. Moreover, Ford has the strong manufacturing capabilities and also has a well-managed supply chain. These are the main important strengths of any vehicular company. The Ford has around 61 manufacturing facilities all around the globe, this makes this company famous in different parts of the word. Secondly Fords has large product portfolio in terms that it produces variety of vehicles like the SUVs, cars, trucks and the other luxury vehicles. This variety of vehicles make Ford a competitive company in the market.

Ford focuses on innovation that the thing must be new and innovative so that it can attract more people in the market and can become one of the favorite companies of the people to look forward. Moreover, Ford has strong position in the markets of China and USA this is an advantage for the Ford Company because the largest population prevail in the country of China and USA. Large population means more exposure of the product to in a large area to a large context. The Ford has strong finical position because of its performance in the few years, by getting a strong financial position, this company can lead to new levels of success. And due to its strong position in the market, the company has strong marketing capabilities, because due to exposure to big markets in China and USA, the Ford can do advertising and branding to get mire popularity in the market and to get more recognition as a high brand. The Ford has always marketed itself as an innovative company that is consumer friendly. Ford spends a large amount of money on marketing and the promotion of its product so that it can be more famous in the market and can archive its dream of becoming the largest automotive company in the world. All these capabilities and strengths make ford competitive among different companies of the world and in the market as well. And all these factors make it favorite among the people.

Ford Business level strategies are to aim the public and the population so that they can provide value to their customers and cost leadership is a main factor in the business level strategy. The Ford Company aims at bigger markets so that it can expand its product and business in the bigger market and more over you target a market in which the product you will provide to the market is unique from other products in the market. Ford focuses on targeting the markets in which the Ford can supply its products that are unique in the market to attract the buyers. Moreover in the business level strategy the Ford keeps in mind about the potential customer, that who are the customer, what are their tastes and requirements and what products the customer will accept and need for, Ford makes the future predictions in terms to provide the best possible product for the customers in order to satisfy their needs. And the Ford Company will provide facilities to their customers, this will increase the percentage of the customers.

For also develops the cooperate level strategies in terms of the management, in this cooperate level, all the managements including the top, middle and lower level gets together to design sub-strategies in order to develop a more potential model or product for the customers so that they can compete in the market. Moreover, by developing a cooperate strategy, the decisions that are made during this strategy affects the whole organization. Cooperate level states e made to meet the needs and goals of the organizations. And the decisions that are and during this strategy depends on the product that will be made and, on the market, where the product will be sold. And the advantage of developing these strategies is that company will develop through a proper strategy in terms that it will be more successful because a proper development plan has been made in the company to be followed, so that the company will succeed in very way. 

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