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The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao

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Category Education
Paper Type Essay Writing
Reference Type APA
Words 276

The article is about a person who is going to be famous for the character of a lover boy at his school timings or college timings as well which always remain in the chance of being kissed by a girl or he may kiss any girl all the time. He is considered to be a very lover or cheap boy for the goals who try to avoid him but he was not able to manage the situation at all. As they are not going to stay away from him as he was a so much tricky boy. He was used to getting advice by many of the people around him but he does not listen to them as he was raised in such type of atmosphere and they are going to see such things in the atmosphere all the time. The other boys of his age avoid such habits so that they are going to manage the things with not only every girl. The thing is that he was not a good person and this such habit must be avoided by him. Oscar thinks this a golden age as he was nothing to worry about and he can do anything he wanted to do. He thinks that these are the innocent days of him but many of his friends use to teach him that he should not do these type of activities he must avoid these activities so that he should be a different person by others and for himself as well. (Díaz, 1968)



Díaz, J. (1968). The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao /. Retrieved from https://archive.org/details/briefwondrouslif03diaz


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