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Columbus and the Indians By Howard Zinn

There is a land where people use to stay naked every time. The island was full of that kind of people’s history that live in a rude way that they are not feeling good if they do not live like this. The Indians at the time used to live like this so that they can get the attraction of the people in this way. This thing makes them a history as a must as they are going to manage the workings in such a way that they attract people towards them and they use to see the world on coming out of their island just in the condition that they remain without clothes all the day. Both men and women remain in this condition and they do not feel bad in such a hectic or wreck condition. These people are full of wonders and they use to do many of the unique things in such a way that they can get knowledge of the world outside their territory. The Columbus who when was about to discover America he analyzed that people and he considered that they are also human beings that should be given equal rights in a way that they can live their properly with the exact rights and rules by them. He witnessed this with his eyes that is why he admitted this otherwise he will not be able to consider this or agree on this as they are the one who accepts the things only after witnessing them by his eyes practically. (Zinn, 2013)


Zinn, H. (2013, October 11). Columbus and the Indians: By Howard Zinn. Retrieved from https://www.sott.net/article/267451-Columbus-and-the-Indians-By-Howard-Zinn


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