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Lab report on Micro-irrigation

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Introduction of Micro-irrigation

The Micro-irrigation surface system, micro-sprinklers and the subsurface drip is seeing the increased use in the orchards. The system is wet which has portion of the orchard floor. And it is also recommended 40- to 60% for the orchard floor and wetted for good tree performances. The system of the Micro-irrigation is differ for the emitter spacing and the emission types is also used along with the size of components as shown below in figure; For the tress in the Micro-irrigation the discharge rates as well as emitter spacing is needed which is depend on the spacing of tree along with the water needs the trees . The devices of emission is also capable for the supplying of every tree which is also enough for the water in the peak water and it is also used for these periods which is satisfy the evapo-transpirtaion(ET)   requirements.

Figure 1: Components of a micro-irrigation system

Components of Micro-irrigation

The system of Micro-irrigation is consisting of;

·         Flow-meter

·         Valves

·         Filter

·         Pump

·         Sub-mains and mainline

·         Micro-sprinkler or drip

·         Injection equipments

Objective of Micro-irrigation

·         In this lab experiment first of all determine the number of emitter for the every flow rate which is also matching the rates of three various pumping rates.

·         Then determine the area which covered the three pumping rates and also supposed the standard for the emitter and drip-line spacing

Procedure of Micro-irrigation

In this Lab experiment first of all by using the Netafim Typhoon plus the 639 series of the 13-mil tape by the 0.16 gallon per emitter by the 10psi of the inlet pressure along with the generic pressure which is compensated the emitter by the 1.0 gal/hr.em flow rate. In the all calculation the nominal flow rate is 0.16 gal/hr em . Then determine the required number of emitters where the output match and the pumps is also produced the 150, 20, 800 gallon per minutes. The determine the maximum number of the emitters per zone. The space of the dripline is 5 feet apart along with the emitter that spaced is 2 feet apart and it is also determine the  which is covered through the emitter number the it determine the calculations of each areas for every zone.

Analysis of Micro-irrigation

Water use




Tree water



by the tree














The total depth for the applied water in the irrigation set which is also set on the monitor for the flow meter and the pump for the irrigation is turnout ; then the below formula is used to determine the depth of the applied water;

Applied depth


Pump discharge (gpm) x Irrigation time per set (hrs)

of water (inches)


160-acre irrigated per set

The area which is covered three pumping rates is the average of the horizontal wetted for the 6-12 inches of root ozone in the percentage of the total crop areas.

For the Micro-irrigation systems the emitter flow rate is emitted then the

Then the maximum net depth for the application rates is the depth of water which is also needed for the SMD, and it is also equal to the flowrate;

The core of the evapo-transpirtaion is also estimates the DI and the SDI designs;

The seasonal evapo-transpirtaion rate is also given below;

And the net depth application is;

The design of the emissions uniformity and the net gross water is given in the below equations;

Conclusion of Micro-irrigation

Summing up all the discussion it is concluded that the lab report is about the “Micro-irrigation. The present report considers different Micro-irrigation system and conducted analysis. It is concluded that by varying any parameter the value and specifications of -irrigation changes. All the parameters are determining factors that measure the outcomes.  All the objective of this lab report is achieved according to the proper designed parameters.

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