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Think through this semester in this class. Describe what you thought you were going to learn or what you wanted to learn in the class when you signed up for it and describe if you learned what you thought or wanted to learn.

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Thinking back to before the semester started I was looking through the classes that I wanted to register for and I saw a site plan with Professor X as one of the classes offered. After reading the course description I realized that I have been wanting to take this course or a course Similar to this course a long time ago. I remember when I was doing my bachelor's, I spoke to Professor X About registering to and a class that will help improve my AutoCAD Skills. Professor X referred me to a class that is offered at SD College and to another one that is the IT department. I graduated from my bachelor’s and still didn’t take such a course. So, since this class was offered, I registered in it. At first, my expectations in this class was to learn how to use AutoCAD professionally. Yes, I had my ups and downs but I knew I would learn it by the end of the semester. Maybe because I have worked on AutoCAD before, during my senior project it wasn’t as hard to learn the steps. I almost learned everything I wanted to learn throughout this class.

At the beginning of this class, Professor X was explaining an introduction about AutoCAD and how we are going to establish our project using this software. He showed how to draw the title block at the beginning of the semester then he showed how to start the tittle block writing the name of the company, name of the engineer, name of the project and all the details in it.

After some classes about the overview of this course in this class, the professor take the class on the practical labs where we started to learn how a draft can be made by using AutoCAD software. The expectations were too high as well as I was so excited to learn about this. I did get a brief overview of this course as well as started to learn to draft on this software. I wanted to learn to make maps of buildings but the professor was providing knowledge about the history of civil engineering, tool description as well as some basic programming concepts. With the passage of time, I realized that the professor was providing a hundred percent relevant knowledge which is necessary to become a professional in AutoCAD. So, that was my first finding from this course. The drafting is the name of the creation of technical and communicative diagrams of any structure of the house as well as building which helps in the construction project. The individual who works on the drafts is called a drafter who deals with everything as well as manage every item in the house to be constructed. The second thing which I learned from this course that the drafting is totally different than simple painting because the AutoCAD design map consists of several types of calculations to inform the architect that what size the wall should be as well as what height should be. The professor encouraged us to make 2-D drafting models which are the basic drawing in AutoCAD. Autocad software that software is mostly used by civil engineers, mechanical and structural engineers.

In the class, we learned many things but still, it was not enough for us because we do not know completely that how we can calculate the sizes as well as how we can measure lengths, widths as well as the height of the building. Due to providing more theory in the class, we were unable to understand that how we can use it professionally. The professor did only focus to deliver theoretical contents about this software but the practical work was not done and we had to do to complete the semester project. No doubt, the professor has a piece of good knowledge, information as well as strong experience and skills, but I personally feel that the teaching of this software could be effective by changing the content of this course. The professor should provide the individual projects on AutoCAD as well as every topic he covered in the class, should be given to students for implementation to solve any real-world problem.

What suggestions or suggestions do you have for improving the class content?  This does not include issues such as improving the quality of the hardware.  Describe your ideas for improving the class for future students.  In other words, describe how you would have taught the class and what would you have done to make the class more accessible to you?

There are several suggestions I have which may be helpful to improve the content of the class. During semester classes, I have noticed that teachers mostly focus on just to deliver the lecture as well as focus to complete the session immediately without any care about the learning of the student. Furthermore, they also focus to complete the session content and delivers the class lectures very fast as well as deliver the lecture more than the capacity of the students. I personally want to change this procedure because if the teachers conduct this approach then most of the students cannot learn in a better way. Despite being a student, I would like to change the teaching styles of professors which can make a better environment as well as a better culture of the class. The suggestions are given below.

1.      Focus on AutoCad

The teachers must have to focus on the contents of this subject because the subject, as well as software, is technical and critical. The style of delivering lectures to the class can be different but the professor should always focus to deliver lectures with beautifully in a very easy way. The main focus of the teacher is to deliver appropriate information to the students in only that way which can make enable them to learn effectively because it is in the nature of the students that they love to hold and pick those things which are interesting. The best approach to improve this class to remember that this work is all about the student. Teachers must have to take some quizzes, assignments, assessments as well as to conduct a session in the class where they can apply this knowledge in some creative ways or represent the last lecture in the class. Because the technique will increase the learnability of the student.

2.      Focus on learning of Students (artistic)

Focusing on the learning of the students is the key to successive lectures delivered in the class. As mentioned above, the teacher should have to adopt that method of teaching that students like to learn, is a very effective technique for teaching. A teacher must have to develop some artistic skills as well as creative skills for making the class teaching and learning most effective and attractive. The development of creative skills has many benefits. The main benefit of creative skills is that it is very helpful to develop an interest in the student for learning. Furthermore, the next teacher should have to conduct or make up any session where he should invite a personality who works currently in the market as well as any other professional professor because their experience narratives can be helpful to build the confidence of learning as well as working in the market. Although, the professor must have to attach with other master professors because they can provide some tricks as well as some extra knowledge including their finding in their careers which can be helpful to teach the students in class as well as effective to develop their professional skills. So, the teacher should have to develop his teaching skills always to learn and teach students in an effective way.

3.      Improvement in skills and effective communication

The communication skills really matter in teaching in the AutoCAD class. The communication is more necessary in AutoCad class because the subject looks so boring as well as many students can leave to learn this course just because of being bored. Here the role of the teacher is compulsory as well as effective to develop an interest in this course through the effective presentation, tutorials, and communication. Teachers must have to take some quizzes, assignments, assessments as well as to conduct a session in the class where they can apply this knowledge in some creative ways or represent the last lecture in the class. A teacher must have to develop some artistic skills as well as creative skills for making the class teaching and learning most effective and attractive. If the teacher develops as well as improves the skills of effective communication then the teacher can develop an interest in the learning as well as communication is one skill that can make the AutoCAD class so amazing.

4.      Teach to take risks of Autocad

The teacher should teach students in the class to the take risks in any work. Every teacher should have to create some kind of scenarios as well as case studies and assign them because the tasks will be critical because these tasks are helpful to develop skills to take the risks and handle the risks. The teacher should have to give some assessment tasks as well as some small projects which can give them a tough time but the students can learn from them more. The teaching about the risks in the class, it can make the students more intellectual who can easily handle the real-world problems as well as every kind of risky infrastructure and design can be managed and solved by students easily. So, the teacher must have to provide some knowledge to handle and reduce the risks. Furthermore, by having knowledge about the risks, students can manage the risks as well as may have insight about such kind of risks in the actual problems.

Describe if you feel more competent using AutoCAD Civil 3D as a result of this class.  Describe specific work that you did that resulted in your feelings of competency or incompetency.

In the comparison of the AutoCAD Civil 3D with AutoCAD, I feel AutoCAD civil 3D more effective as well as more competent because It has advanced features that make it superior. The comparison tells the AutoCAD civil 3D can create 3D models intelligently while AutoCAD can only create stunning CAD designs. AutoCAD Civil 3D can perform faster design repetitions through dynamic dated designs but AutoCAD can only provide the speed documentation as well as work detail. The AutoCAD Civil 3D software can generate the documentation of the construction as well as it can also mention clear things in the documentation while the AutoCAD connect workflows throughout the desktop, mobile as well as the cloud. These mentioned things and comparisons mentioned above are my experiences which I found in the practical study in the class. Furthermore, the analysis on both of the software tells that the AutoCAD Civil 3D software is most competent as well as effective in the sense of workability. The main features of this software are also noticed during class that the AutoCAD civil 3D can generate very the 3D models of the objects very easily as well as effectively which can provides all dimensions of the object and this feature can increase the effectiveness of objects during construction projects as well as it can also provide HD picture or diagrams of the objects, as well as the operator or user, can move the object by clicking on it to see the actual shape as well as infrastructure of the objects. Due to 3D modeling of the objects, engineers can easily estimate how the particular components can be made or implemented or constructed during the construction or production project.

In the start, it was not easy to use the AutoCAD Civil 3D. The main reason was that it contains a lot of functions that were extremely difficult for me to use it. In the starting days of using this software, I feel incompetence. The main reason is that it contains many options that will take a lot of time to understand. My first working experience was related to developing a complete 3D room on this software. The design of this room was unique and also it was extremely difficult for me to create it through the help of AutoCAD Civil 3D software. This complete 3D room takes almost 5 to 6 hours to complete it. Then after this, I was able to design a 3D room on this software. I know that I have taken a lot of time in completing this whole drawing but I can say that through this I have learned a lot of things regarding this software.

 I would say that If I spend more time using this software then I am able to learn more new things that will also help me in building my future as a civil engineer. The next thing is that the AutoCAD civil 3D contains a lot of features that were not present in the AutoCAD software. Moreover, if wanted to be competent in this software, for that I have to spend more time and design more 3D drawings on it. In the start when I started to build a room on that software then it was extremely difficult for me to find the related object. Like for that I wanted a complete 3D box and I don't know where this box was present, then I watched different tutorials.

Through this, I was able to build the 3D room. But I think that it was not enough, the tutorials are able to give you information about the different features of the software but on the other hand, if you wanted to become competent in AutoCAD Civil 3D software then you have to practice and gave proper time to it. it will help you to enhance your skills at expert level. Through the help of practice, I can say that now I am more skilful than before. The main reason is that I am able to draw a complete 3D house on that software. Moreover, If I spend more time in developing different projects then it will help me to get advance skills and I am also able to solve problems related to 3D drawings.

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