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Submit your notes on the first third of novel to your teacher, and then be sure to include the notes which categorized outline “Notetaking chart”.

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Category Engineering
Paper Type Online Exam | Quiz | Test
Reference Type APA
Words 950


According to the requirement of the question, now in this novel the “Note taking chart” is given below;

Page number

Important information ( including quotation )

Question to check / new vocabulary


"I got my eye on you. Front row."

Front row


"that girl who got nailed by potatoes the first


This explainsthat, ever known for this girl. And the new vocabulary is nailed by potatoes.


"Welcome to the only class that will teach you how to survive,"

Its means welcome to the Art Class. Teach , survive


"Can the plural possessive express the feelings in your heart?

It expresses the feelings of heart. The new vocabulary is possessive


"You will each pick a piece of paper out of the globe."

Globe , piece of paper


"You have a migraine!"

Migraine;and this paragraphexplain about the ESPANOL.


"Melinda inhaling pepperoni and mushroom" and "No

One ever eats in the family room, no ma'am."

Melinda , peperoni , inhaling , mushroom


"Five dead in house fire! Young girl attacked!

Teens suspected in gas station holdup!"

Teens , holdup

And it explains about the attack on girl in the house fire.


I know these guys,"

she says. "They work with me on the newspaper."

According to Devils destroy it explains.


"She's creepy. What's wrong with her lips? It looks

like she's got a disease or something."

According to the Siobhan: in THE MARTHAS these lines explains in the novel.


It's too big for the microwave,"

According to the emergency 3 when Mom on a phone call then she explains that;

 Question 2:

Identify the main theme innovel and explore why it is important to the story? Use evidence from the novel to support your opinion.


Novel Speak main theme isabout the “WELCOME TO MERRY W E A T H E R HIGH”The transport gets the number of students in gatherings of the groups in four to five.When the studentsare stroll down a path, individuals that are center of my school lab accomplices or exercise center pals scowl at me. My eye was closed then, I squandered a most recent long stretches of August observing awful kid's shows. I did not go to a shopping center, a lake, or a pool, or pick up a telephone. Have no point to searching for my ex-companions. Our family, a Plain Janes, has chipped as well asthe pieces are being consumed through rival groups. My English instructor there is no face for recognition. She has untidy stringy hair that hangs on theshoulders. The hair is dark form their ears to her partsas well as afterward neon orange to a bunched up closes. I take a load off. Another injured zebra turns as well as grins at me. She's pressing in any event five thousand worth of orthodontia, yet has extraordinary shoes. When we know about them then it is not to expedite dinea primary day of secondary school. Have no chance to get of determining what the worthy style will be. The Basketball Pole waves to the table of companions. Obviously. The b-ball group. All of them swear him odd welcome rehearsed by athletic young men with zits. All discussion stops as a whole break room ogles,into their retinas my face copying. Then it will be the everlastingly recognized as "that young lady who got tackedthrough potatoesa primary day." Some individuals moan. My stomach shudders. Will he truly occupancy us do this? It seems like a lot of fun. At the table he stopped. I dive my hand into the base of the globe and fish out my paper. "Tree." Tree? It's excessively simple. I figured out in what way to attract a tree second class. My room has a place with an outsider. When I was in fifth classIt is themessage of who. I experienced a psychotic stage when I imagined these roses should concealmententiretyas well as pink was incredible shading. It was all Rachel's deficiency.

Question 3:

Select the social justice from your novel?

In this novel (SPEAK) the social justice issue which is explored is the “Rape”. Rape is anything but an uncommon intrigue issue that influences a couple of individuals, the social justice issue is rape that influences everybody. Rapeis not immaterial to different battles for uniformity, yet rather essential to how frameworks of abuse in an U.S. including fundamental bigotry, ableism, sexism as well as homophobia were made along within what way they endure today.

In this novel the evidence is about the;Oprah: "We should investigate that. Then it is sayingno . He secured your mouth by his hand. You were thirteen years of age. It does not makedifferences which havethe tanked. Nectar that wereRaped. What an appalling, unpleasant thing for you to live however. Did not you ever consider telling anybody? You could not kept inside the  forperpetuity. Would somebody be able to becomehertissue? “Andy Beast: "Which also has the large mouth, you distinguish it? Rachel brushed me off at awalkway, charitable me some bologna anecdote regarding how I Rape you. Itrealizes that is a falsehood. I never Rape anyone. Wedo not need to. It needed it similarly as awful as I do this. However, your emotions got injured, so you began dispersion untruths, as well as now every young lady in school is discussing me like I amcertain sort of sick person.

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