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Report on How Universal Design of ICT can support disabled people in emergencies

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With disabilities, the people are excessively affected in emergencies, along with the particular experiences with morality, which has high rates in different contexts. The emergencies are also increasing disabilities of people with a vulnerability like the people with disabilities, the less able to escape from the hazards.  It also loss essential for the assistive or the medication of the devices like the hearing or the spectacles along with the mobility aids, which is also left behind the community that is forced to evacuate. The disabled peoples might also have very large problems accessing their basic needs, including the water shelter, food, latrines, along with health services. In 2011 in Japan, the Earthquake or tsunami has a statistic that presented the fatality for the rate of the people by the disabilities is twice for the non-disabled people. Elderly and impaired people can gain benefits with different ICT systems if they are universally designed.

The universal design of ICTs adoption has reached the point of Productivity. The productivity increase and the quantity of the production factor are helping in earthquake situations. Factor accumulation is causing short-term growth for the improvement of the productivity that has permanent effects. Then, the analyses of the factors, which is an effect on the productivity that has central earthquake situations. There is the opportunity used for the available tools involving ICT, and it is also building an inclusive society for the disabled person. Through the working sectors of all of the societies, it may be private, public as well as civil society which is finally ensuring the inclusion of the one billion persons by the disabilities of the digital age. The universal design of ICT permitted the removal of various barriers that face disabled persons. By the ICTs, which is increasingly and integrated with every aspect of the modern world of the ubiquitous technology, which is also the positive transformation of empowerment and the developments along with the institutional framework. Whereas the universal design of ICT also providing access to public services by the widespread applications for social progress and economic growth (Leblois, 2013).

The study came up with a new method to investigate what relationship lies between earthquake situations and the universal design of ICT by keeping a neoclassical growth accounting framework in context. This method proved a handful to investigate the various research questions asked by the research study ( Samoilenko & Osei-Bryson, 2011). It is important to keep in mind that such issues are very much evident in transition economies, where the universal design of ICT skills and capabilities not established, as those  established in the developed impact of earthquakes (Rohan Samarajiva, 2012).

The major benefits of the universal design of ICT (Information and communication technologies) tools are timeliness, speed, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. In the classroom of translation, several ICT (Information and communication technologies) application has turn into unavoidable (Dash, 2013). There are several benefits of the universal design of ICTs, which involve supporting the helpless person in case of emergencies, integration of digital competence found to be compulsory for disabled people. No doubt, they have a great impact on worst conditions such as an earthquake. (Salahuddin & Jalbani, 2007)

Skills of universal design of ICT (Information and communication technologies) related to translators can also be helpful for the pedagogy development because of needs for the development of accurate environment learning, to utilize MT and CAT tools and target texts (MihokoSakuraia, 2019). The universal design of ICT is trying to remove the gap between elderly, impaired, and normal people.

By summing up the entire discussion of this question, it has been analyzed the various applications of universal design of ICTs as well as WSNs (wireless sensor networks) for disasters managements and earthquake alerts. The various ways analyzed in this study to generating an alarm for an upcoming disaster as well as determining earthquake precursors. It is observed in this discussion that the WSNs (wireless sensor network) offer the platform for designing earthquake detection mechanisms. The universal design of ICTs helps in broadcasting earthquake precautionary measures and safety information to all kinds of diverse humans. The earthquake early warning considered as the set up to helping the individuals minimize the harm brought by seismic tremors.

2.    What are the requirements for such a universally designed information system?        

Requirements for such a universally designed information system?

Under this research question, the particular requirements will be explored that will be beneficial for the universally designed information systems. This information system will explore the ways for the people to protecting from certain disasters that are uncountable and cannot control easily. To maintain sustainable and peaceful environments, peoples are educated for securing themselves. The universally designed ICT system provides good knowledge for the people to protect their selves. Two particular requirements must be considered while designing the universal design of ICT, and these requirements are one of the most important sources for developing a good design of ICT. These requirements are;

Content of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

This section of the universal design of ICT will explore the ideas about content that are particularly used to spread awareness and information of preparedness and guidance for diverse people such as the elderly and impaired. This content will be used in a universally designed ICT website. This section also explains the information meaning s of the content; it means which type of information will be provided by this particular design of ICT. The details related to the various innovative techniques and precautions are also exploring under this section of the research study. The content of this ICT design will explore the adequate information related to the precautions from the earthquake. It will also explore the meanings of the Universal design.  The design of the environments and products are concerned with the design and layout that may be used by people (Calacademy Org, 2018).

It provides the possible greatest extent for any need for adaption or a particular design. For the universal design, one of the most important prerequisites is accessibility. It has been indicated in W3C/WAI. In the case of Web, the accessibility is referred to like those people along with the disabilities that can understand, navigate, perceive and interact with tools and websites and all of these things can contribute easily (Gjøsæter T. R., Universal Design of ICT for Emergency Management. In International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, 2018).

Such kinds of incidents, for example, earthquakes occur without any kind of warning, and these are one of the most painful and admirable incidents. The information about the happening of the earthquake cannot be explained by the feelings and perceptions of one person. To protect from these incidents, this universal design offers various techniques to protect from this. The content of this design will be contained on the particular accurate information that can be used for the safety of the people. Six particular ways are explained in this design to procure from the earthquake (Alex Greer, 2012). These all methods are;

Check for Hazard in the Home of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

·         The shelves must be fastened securely with walls

·         The lower shelves must use in order placing heavy or large objects (National Research Council., 2011).

·         The cabinets must be closed with latches; the breakable items must be stored, for instance, glass and bottled food.

·         The heavy items must be hanged away from the bed, such as mirrors and pictures.

·         The overhead light fixture must be braced

·         The water heater must be secured by bolting it on the floor and strapping it to the walls.

·         In foundations and ceiling, the deep cracks must be repaired. If there would be signs of the structural defects, just go for the advice of the experts.

Identification of Outdoors, Safe Places and Indoors

  • The bed must be against an inside wall


  • Under sturdy furniture for instance; table or heavy desk


  • Select the area for use away from the glass windows, where there would be a doubt for breaking glass, shattering the windows, pictures. Away from the places where the heavy furniture and bookcases can fall over (Ndma Gov Pk, 2019).


  • Try to choose the open paces such as; away from the telephone, building, electrical lines, elevated expressways, trees, and overpasses.


  • Try to select a safer place where you can stay. 

Educate yourself and your siblings of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

  • Teach your children about the emergency helplines, such as the fire department, when to call them. Teach your children about the radio stations to tuning for an emergency.


  • To get more information about earthquakes to contact the American red cross chapter and local management office for providing more information on the earthquake. 


  • Get information about the protection of your property in the case of an earthquake. 


  • Teach your family members about turning off electricity, gas, and wait.

Have Disaster Supplies on Hand of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

·         Try to arrange and use extra batteries and flashlights (Harrison, 2008).

·         Try to use portable things it includes extra batteries and battery-operated radio

·         Prepare your manual and first aid kit

·         Pack your bag for water and emergency food

·         Use an essential medicine

·         Wear sturdy shoes

·         Prepare your cash and credit card

Develop an Emergency Communication Plan of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

·         After the disaster’s make a plan of reuniting of your family members have been separated from one another during the earthquake.

·         This possibility can occur when the adults are engaged in their working, and the children are in their schools

·         Contact your friends and relatives for servings as a “family contact.” It’s often easier to call long distance after the disasters.

·         Ensure every member of your family must know about the address, name, and the number of the contact person.

Help Your Community Get Ready of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

·         The special section in the local newspaper must be published along with the particular information on the earthquakes.

·         By printing, the phone numbers of the offices of the local emergencies localize the information. It includes the hospitals and various security center in Pakistan.

·         In order to locate hazards in the home, conduct a series of a long week.

·         In order to prepare the special reports to work with the services of the local emergencies and Red Cross services in Pakistan with the name of Halal-e-Ahamar (United Nations, 2005).

·         In order to conduct earthquake drills in the home offers several tips.

·         Contact with the water, electric and gas representative companies for shutting off various utilities.

·         In the community, work together for building codes and apply your knowledge.

·         It includes family emergency plans, retrofitting programs, neighborhood, and hazard hunts.

·         This content of the website must contain the authentic and applicable information in order to provide the proper guidelines to the new generation for protecting from such incidents.

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