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Report on The requirement for the development of the website

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Category Business & Management
Paper Type Report Writing
Reference Type APA
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This section of the research study explores the information about the requirements that are related to the developments of the websites. It leads towards the information that will be used for developing the universal design of ICT in order to procure disaster conditions such as; earthquakes. It includes the structure, color, and design, contrast, and language of the website by which various persons can avail beneficial information from this design.  This design of the ICTs will lead to the Pakistani nation towards greater achievements by providing its unique qualities and information for the precautions of the earthquakes. In this case, it will introduce the website with the name of ABC that will be built by following the universal design of ICT principles.

The website can only be universally designed if it follows universal design principles.

Equitable Use of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan:

The design of the ABC should be attractive to users, and it will be developed by considering the cases of special people. So, it provides the same mean of use for all diverse people. It means it would be referred to as the good product for the people who are suffering from the problems of the color blind, the design of this website should build by considering the viewing problems of diverse people. Particularly, this website will use the product for people who are suffering from diverse abilities (WOODWARD, 2017).

Flexibility in use of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

The design of the website or software ABC will be selected by considering the abilities and preferences of the individuals. It will offer a wide range of designs in order to accommodate its users, and ABC will be created according to the flexible use of the users, and it will provide the accurate information to its visitors.

Simple and Intuitive Use of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

The use of the design of the ABC will user-friendly; it will be easy to understand as compare to the level of the current concertation of its users, experiences of the user, language skills, and knowledge. The design of the ABC will be created by considering the ease of the user. This site will be eye attractive and user-friendly.

Perceptible Information of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

The necessary information will be communicating to the user of the ABC effectively as compare to the sensory abilities of the users as well as their ambient conditions. The use of authentic information will be preferred only while considering the design of ABC.

Tolerance for Error of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

The adverse consequences of the unintended or accidental actions and hazards will be minimizing by the design of the ABC. The ABC will select that particular design that can be beneficial for solving the issues of the various sever hazards.

Low Physical Effort of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

The physical efforts are one of the most important things while designing any site and software in order to provide the cure for any problem of society. The design of the ABC can be used comfortably and efficiently by applying the minimum amount of fatigue.

Size and Space for Approach and Use

In the design of the ABC, the particular and appropriate design, size, and space are offered for the approach. By applying this, the person can reach, manipulation, and use regardless of user's body size, posture, or mobility. The appropriate font size will be used to design the ABC.

Non-text Content of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

Any kind of the non-text content which is presented for the user should have alternative text to provide information regarding the non-text content  (W3 Org, 2010). The website should be accessible to all users. It is nice if it follows all the WCAG 2.1 guidelines but, at least it should follow WCAG “A” and “AA” guidelines. Accessibility of the website could be tested by “Automated Accessibility Testing Tool” (PayPal, 2016), “Web Accessibility Checker” (Web Accessibility Checker, 2011) , “Functional Accessibility evaluate” (Illinois, n.d.) and “Accessibility Viewer” (Group, n.d.) tools to ensure the website is fully accessible.

2.      What is a suitable universal design for such a system that is optimized for the situation in Pakistan regarding the availability of ICT equipment and network?

Suitable Universally designed system for Pakistan

The majority of elderly people cannot read or understand the English language. The same case is for impaired people because no one supports them or bear their expenses to study, so the ratio of educated impaired or disabled people is too little. The most common physical disabilities in Pakistan are blindness, deafness, crippledness, and dumbness (Ahmed, 1993). There is also a majority of poor people in Pakistan that cannot afford educations and hence cannot read or understand the English language. Almost all the Pakistani can understand Urdu So, universally designed ICT website should have instructions in both languages, i.e., English and Urdu. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities, 90% population of Pakistan use mobile phones for daily communications. So, the universally designed website should be mobile phone compatible as well, and hence it should follow WCAG mobile accessibility guidelines as well.

Internet service is available almost all the area’s of Pakistan, but it is expensive, and there are some area’s in Pakistan where internet speed is quite slow so, its suitable to use the least amount of images and instructions videos in universally designed system so that website can load easily in the least amount of time. Audio Instructions for blind people should available on demand. That is, user action should be required to download audio. Instead, the browser loads it automatically with the loading of the page and consume internet data and slows down the website to load. There is a huge amount of Pakistani people who has low eyesight so webpage should be responsive and supports zooming feature to make text content easily readable for low eyesight users.

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