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Report on Research method of Universal Design of ICT in Earthquake Emergency Management in Pakistan

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Category Business & Management
Paper Type Report Writing
Reference Type APA
Words 400

The research study is conducted by using the content analysis. In which the content of the various authors has been analyzed critically that they have used in their studies for their various purposes in order to manage the emergency cases in their region. However, research methods use qualitative research. To address the qualitative research literature review will be noticed how the universal design of ICT is utilized for managing the uncertainties in Pakistan and in various regions.  The qualitative research methods are utilized for conducting this research study because this is one of the most important and well-known approaches or methods that can be utilized in order to explore the concepts of particular things. As this study discusses the pre-existing teems of the universal design of the ICT in any region, but now this design is suggested for the region of Pakistan. That’s why qualitative research methods are particularly adapted to analyses this research study. In this research question of the said study, the observation method is utilized in which the literature review will be critically analyzed that is collected by discussing the several studies on the particular topic of the universal design of ICT for the management of emergency cases and earth quack.   Generally, building a study and interlinking it with the existing information recognized as the foundational element and block of different processes that are associated with academic studies. However, it is quite important to recognize that this process can both time-consuming and difficult. Knowledge production, within the business field, is increasing, but at the very same time, it is also increasing in being difficult and complicated. Other than being complicated, the fragmentation in this process is also increasing. And that is considered the main reason why the technique of literature review is considered a relevant and significant method in both synthesizing and collecting relevant information. Due to all of these important reasons, content analysis has been used in this study to overcome the research problem.


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