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The Grand Inquisitor Summary

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Category Education
Paper Type Assignment Writing
Reference Type APA
Words 276


  In this article, the poet explains about the poem of him which he has written on the topic of the Grand Inquisitor. This study reveals the story of a town in Spain around of sixteen century of a person that has apparently reborn on the Earth. The person was focused by his society well because he is among unique factors present in the society or he is some kind of different nature that people keep staring at him while he uses to do walk in the society park and out of his house at any time. Once he ordered his guards to arrest one the Christ around him and when they did this the news became viral and they all being hated by people with such an inhuman act by him. He tried to explain why he has taken this action, why he accused that person but people are listening to him properly. People are thinking that as that person is a Christ that is why he captured that person. The church has conducted many of the places for the sake of security and for keeping the people away from that area due to some reasons that they do not mention to the people. This act makes the people very much curious as to why he did this but this becomes a mystery in the start. But as people knew this that Christ provides humanity freedom so people are going to give support to the Christ-culture so that they can get the complete sympathy of the overall department. (Dostoevsky, 2018)




Dostoevsky, F. (2018). Full text of "The Grand Inquisitor". Retrieved from http://archive.org/stream/thegrandinquisit08578gut/inqus10.txt


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