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Introduction of Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Project

It is important for any biggest company to make sure that they do take part in corporate social responsibility efforts, and work to change the living and environmental standards of the communities. The world communities are facing various challenges and each challenge is an opportunity for company like Walmart to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. The situation in various aspects can be serious in nature, and it wants attention from business giants, who have money and resources to fight with those serious issues faced by the people around the world. The poverty and hunger are linked to each other as poor people almost can’t fulfill their food needs and remain hungry, whereas it is obvious that every hungry individual is poor. The situation is quite devastating in this regard as chronic hunger has brought suffering for 821m people around the world. There are so many people around the world who cannot afford food and can’t feed their children and families. So, hunger is a big issue and companies with resources and money needs to invest in hunger projects so that world can fight with the hunger problem (The Hunger Project, 2018)

Background of Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Project

According to World Food Program, the hunger has to be dealt by eliminating its real causes as world has good enough food to feed every living human being in this world, but just a proper strategy is needed. There are different reasons behind the hunger problem like poverty, conflict, lack of access, natural disasters etc. So, the world has to join hands together to make sure that they fight with this problem by initiating great projects (WFP, 2018). The situation of hunger was mentioned in the world overall, and it is important to look at the hunger situation in United States as well. The statistics have shown that around 40m Americans are struggling to afford food and dealing with the hunger problem. These people belong to poor families, which are not able to feed themselves because they don’t have enough income. The average household median income on annual basis for these people is $9175, which means that this number is way below than the poverty level stated by the federal government (Feeding America, 2018)

This is where Walmart felt that they have corporate social reasonability and an obligation to community by helping to feed the hungry people. It is a great opportunity for the company to make its mark in CSR activity by resolving the hunger problem, and fight to eliminate it. So it was a great opportunity for Walmart to step in and play its part by feeding hungry people in America. The company has been involved in great CSR initiatives in different sectors like working for green energy so that environment can be saved form climate changes and global warming. The people who don’t have enough means to feed themselves are in need of help from companies like Walmart. The great thing is that the company has decided to step in by making viable contribution to fight hunger in United States. The facts has been revealed that 50m people in United States don’t know that will they get their next meal or not, and how. So, Walmart along with its Walmart Foundation is looking to invest in the project of fighting hunger as it is need of the hour. In early part, the company will spend around $2b money to arrange food for hungry people (SCHWARTZ, 2012)

 The Project Rationale of Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Project

            Walmart is one of the largest and famous companies having most number of employees as well as revenue. The company has enjoyed success for so many years, and generated great amount of profits over the years. Keeping their success in view, it is important for them to look for CSR opportunities to grab in the community and help communities in different ways. It is also important to look at their mission and vision so that it can be known that what drive their business forward, is it only the profits or revenues, or they believe in serving the communities. The mission statement for Walmart is stated as “to save people money so they can live better.” The mission itself is showing a great ideology y the company that they want to improve the lives of people by providing them opportunity to save enough money so that they can live a better life (FERGUSON, 2018)

So, company has to take strategic decisions by keeping their mission statement in mind, which means that they can’t hold strategies, which make life difficult for their customers. So, company holds a low pricing strategy, which allows people to save more money when they do shopping at Walmart. Now, it is important to look at their vision statement to analyze that how it is connected to their strategy and mission. The vision statement provided by the company states that “Be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop.” It is again quite evident that their vision is really connected with their overall strategy as well as mission statement. It shows that company has been driving its strategy for their customers so that they can save their money and enjoy their experience with the Walmart (FERGUSON, 2018)

It is important for every large business organization to play its part for the society by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. The consumers are getting more awareness about the companies and products which are in line with the corporate social responsibility standards, and they are valuing those companies more, which practice CSR. The CSR activities bring good name and reputation for companies amongst customers, and they are willing to buy from such companies. The issue for large companies like Walmart is to make sure that they are coming with good CSR strategy so that they don’t have to get a bad name in the market; rather they earn good repute by offering some services to the community and its environment. As mentioned earlier that world including United States dealing with the hunger problems and so many people are not able to afford food to satisfy their hunger. So, to end the problem of hunger and earn a good reputation as a CSR company, Walmart has decided that they will start hunger project to fight hunger in United States.

What Project can achieve for Walmart

            Every business organization works hard to get good reputation in the market so that they can attract more customers and retain their existing customers. If a company is not socially responsible and is involved in any unethical practice or scandal, then such companies can struggle to move forward in right direction. That’s why it is important that a company involved itself in corporate social responsibility efforts so that they can achieve their business goals, profits and revenues by earning good repute in the relevant markets. It is expected that customers are more likely to buy from socially responsible companies because this is how they also feel that they are contributing for the good of society. So, Walmart has decided to launch a project to fight huger around United States. This project will help company to achieve its various business objectives. The company will earn good name amongst their customers, which would certainly attract more customers to buy Walmart products, because this is how they can feel that they are supporting the good cause by purchasing their necessary items.

Analysis of the Context of Project of Walmart’s Fighting Hunger

            It is important to look at some internal and external elements of the company to review that how this project is going to be fit for their future strategy.

Core Competencies of Walmart

            The company has various core competencies which drives its business forward in its strategic direction. They have maintained a good culture, which allows them to get most out of their employees. They have developed a hardworking and efficient work culture. The other good thing about Walmart is their low-cost operations so that they can develop products and provide them with lowest prices to customers, as it is important to fulfill their mission and vision. The low price starry attracts more customers, which allows them to get more business and sales. Their distribution is another core competency which allows them to manage their supply chain effectively as compared to its competitors. Moreover, they have developed a global supply chain by maintaining good relations with their suppliers.

Five Forces Analysis of Walmart

Bargaining Power of Buyers of Walmart

            The bargaining power of buyers is weak for the Walmart as it is enjoying good business terms with its customers. The company has large population of customers, which means that these customers are very much dependent on Walmart because of its low pricing strategy and they also like the brand. So, it is good for the company that buyer power is not a threat for them, as it is weak.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers of Walmart

            The company is one of the largest retailers in the world and they need so much quantity of supplies, which means that they are able to catch up with various range of suppliers’ available in the market. They can make effects on their suppliers rather getting affected by their bargaining power. The suppliers are competing with each other and it is easy for the company to switch to any suppliers in the market, which means that bargaining power of suppliers is weak and pose no considerable threat to the company.

Threat of Substitutes of Walmart

            The threat of substitute for Walmart is also weak because they have so many elements to stay ahead in the competition. The company has great variety of products and it is hard for any retailer to match that variety. Moreover, the company also provides this variety at lower costs whereas it is hard for competitors to remain at this low cost level with so much variety, so company is not facing any considerable threat in this regard. If company would not have such variety with low prices, and there would have been less number of products, then they might have faced this threat.

Threat of New Entrants of Walmart

            It is important to understand that new entrants can certainly invest heavy amount in this retail sector and can come up with new retail chains to challenge Walmart. The cost of doing business in the retail sector is bit lower than the other sectors. The capital costs are also moderate. Moreover, suppliers are easily available in the market to get similar kind of products. It means that threat of new entrants for the Walmart is high and strong and they need to keep this fact in mind, while deriving their future strategy.

Competitive Rivalry of Walmart

            The competition in this industry is strong and much similar kind of retailer stores are operating in the market. They also have their own strategies to attract customers, and through an extensive competition. The number of firms is large, which makes competition tougher for Walmart. Moreover, these firms also come up with aggressive competing strategies as well. It means that competitive rivalry in the industry is high and strong, and Walmart has to keep doing different things to stand out in the competition (GREENSPAN, 2018)

The Project Objective and Outline of Walmart

            The above mentioned Five Forces Analysis clearly shows that competition in the retail market is high and Walmart has to come up with great strategic options to stay ahead in the competition. They have to keep coming with an aggressive and proactive strategy so that they can get competitive advantages, and compete well. The objective for their hunger project is to gain good repute in the market and stay ahead in the competition from their competitors by asserting their mission of participating in corporate social responsibility activities.

            The project campaign launched by the company is named as “Fight Hunger - Spark Change”. It is a campaign, which is nationwide and the company will be working together with five suppliers in this regard. The company has a commitment to pay around $3m to the organization named “Feeding America”, which is also fighting huger problem in United States. With this help, the company will be able to feed people with approximately 75m meals. The company is also going to play positive part in spreading awareness about hunger problem so that people are also persuaded to take actions in this regard. The company is sparking change by asking people to buy products from Walmart, which can help to provide food for needy and hungry people. Moreover, they are doing itself by donating huge amount to food banks off Feeding America, and joining hand with various suppliers to provide free meals (Walmart, 2016)

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