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17.4 Consider The Following Financial Statements For BestCare HMO, A Not-For-Profit Managed Care Plan:

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a. Perform a Du Pont analysis on BestCare. Assume that the industry

average ratios are as follows:

Total margin 3.8%

Total asset turnover 2.1

Equity multiplier 3.2

Return on equity (ROE) 25.5%

b. Calculate and interpret the following ratios for BestCare:

                                             Industry Average

Return on assets (ROA) 8.0%

Current ratio 1.3

Days cash on hand 41days

Average collection period 7days

Debt ratio 69%

Debt-to-equity ratio 2.2

Times interest earned (TIE) ratio 2.8

Fixed asset turnover ratio 5.2



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