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A Case Study For International Management.

26/03/2020 Client: joediv12 Deadline: 24 Hours

What effect will a corporation’s emphasis on environmental responsibility have on its financial performance in both the short term and long term? Does this contradict the notation of maximizing the wealth of its investors?

What factors in the political, legal, and/or technological environments does Café Britt need to be concerned with?

How could the international expansion opportunities best be managed?

professor says: "I will be evaluating your case for the level of chapter integration, analysis and understanding of concepts, overall writing ability and following the format guidelines.

This assignment is considered a formal academic paper; therefore, APA writing guidelines should be followed. Please make arrangements to see my during office hours prior to turning in your assignment if you are unfamiliar with APA format"

Format Guidelines:


12 point Font Size

New York Times New Roman Font

Double spaced

One inch margins

Between 4-6 pages in length.

***I have attached Café Britt (which you will read). however, you have to use chapter 1-3 for answering the questions from this book:

Luthans, F. & Doh, J.P. (2015). International Management – Culture, strategy, and behavior, (9th ed.,). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. 

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