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21/05/2020 azharr Mathematics & Physics O-Level/A-Level $10-25 (Short Assignment) 24 Hours
Abby Timmons ACC 201 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING: SPRING 2015; Section 3001, WebCollege CHAPTER 4 PROBLEMS instructions | help   Time remaining: 5:55:05     Use the pop up button to bring up the information needed to answer this question. [The following information applies to the questions displayed below.] The cash records and bank statement for the month of May for Diaz Entertainment are shown below. DIAZ ENTERTAINMENT Cash Account Records May 1, 2015, to May 31, 2015 Cash Balance May 1, 2015 + Deposits – Checks = Cash Balance May 31, 2015 $5,370 $11,590 $11,680 $5,280 Deposits Checks Date Desc. Amount Date No. Desc. Amount    5/3 Sales $ 1,370 5/7 471 Legal fees $ 1,210    5/10 Sales 1,800 5/12 472 Property tax 1,580 …
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