Apply: DDOS

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Apply: DDOS

Imagine you are on a specialized team tasked with exploring network vulnerabilities in your company. The CEO of the company has read about similar companies being subjected to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and is very concerned.

Research the definition of a DDOS attack and how it can be prevented. If it cannot be prevented, describe the steps that may be required to remediate the DDOS attack, along with the potential business impacts caused by a DDOS attack.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide multimedia-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® boardroom presentation for the CEO. Include the following in your presentation:

Title slide
Definition of a DDOS attack
At least 2 methods (attack vectors) of DDOS attacks to include the threat agents’ (hackers) motivation for conducting a DDOS attack
Common prevention tools and/or processes to block a DDOS
Common detection tools to detect if a DDOS is occurring or has occurred.
Recommended methods for containing or eradicating the DDOS attack
Recommend methods for bringing the affected systems back online from a successful DDOS attack
Reference slide

Cite references to support your assignme

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