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Are engineered foods evil scientific american

01/12/2021 Client: muhammad11 Deadline: 2 Day

Annotated Bibliography DIRW 0310

Annotated Bibliography Instructions:

Your Annotated Bibliography should consist of at least one source from your research for your

argument/research essay. The AB should feature the following information.

1. Your Claim 2. An Accurate MLA citation 3. An annotation (paragraph) that includes the following info:

A. The name of the article and the author’s name

B. The main idea of the article and a short summary

C. Assess the credibility of the article

 Who is the author?

 What are their credentials?

 How old is the article?

 What journal and/or university published it? D. How will you use the article in your essay? Give a direct quote that you

will use in your essay.

Below is a student example of an Annotated Bibliography that includes multiple annotations.

Name 2

Student Name

Professor Name

ENGL 1302-73010

10 April 2015

The Positive Aspects & Possible Health Benefits of Processed Foods:

An Annotated Bibliography

My claim is: processed foods are not as bad as everyone seems to think and the

advancements in science made in order to make processed foods can be used to create healthier

processed foods if we demand them.

Moreira, Patricia V. L., et al. “Comparing Different Policy Scenarios To Reduce The

Consumption Of Ultra-Processed Foods In UK: Impact On Cardiovascular Disease

Mortality Using A Modelling Approach.” Plos ONE 10.2 (2015): 1-14. Academic Search

Complete. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

The article “Comparing Different Policy Scenarios To Reduce The Consumption Of Ultra-

Processed Foods In UK: Impact On Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Using A Modelling

Approach” was written by these authors: Patricia V. L. Moreira, Larissa Galastri Baraldi, Jean-

Claude Moubarac, Carlos Augusto Monteiro, Alex Newton, Simon Capewell, and Martin

O’Flaherty.The article’s main purpose is to inform about the cardiovascular disease mortality

association with eating processed foods. They explain that this is happening because of “high

Name 3

levels of salt, fat and sugars” (1). The article is only a few months old, is fourteen pages long,

and comes from Academic Search Complete. The articles main author, Moreira, has been

researching heath related topics for years. This along with the age and length of the article makes

me believe the article and author are both credible. The role this article will play on my essay

will be as the counter claim, the articles underlines the serious complication of processed foods.

For example the authors state that, “The poor nutritional content of these foods coupled with

patterns of excessive consumption leads to obesity and related chronic non-communicable

diseases” (2). This article will show that my essay topic has a serious counter augment, and will

allow me to have various ways to defend my claim.

Freedman, David H. “Are Engineered Foods Evil?” Scientific American 309.3 (2013): 80-85.

Academic Search Complete. Web. 8 Apr. 2015.

In David H. Freedman article, “Are Engineered Foods Evil?" he talks about the negative and

positive aspects of genetically modified foods. The Article comes from Academic Search

Complete, is six pages long, and was published nearly three years ago. Although the article is

lacking in length and is older the author is very credible based on his accomplishments.

Freedman has published many books, and has been featured in prestigious news organizations.

Although the article shows both sides of the argument in genetically modified foods Freedman

focuses on the positive aspects, and so will I for my essay. For example, “He is expressing

despair at the relentless need to confront what he sees as bogus fears over the health risks of

genetically modified (GM) crops” (Freedman). I will be using this article to prove my point that

processed/genetically modified foods are not as harmful as most people think they are. There is

Name 4

many examples that prove this point, one being, “The use of GM crops "has lowered the price of

food," Zilberman says. "It has increased farmer safety by allowing them to use less pesticide”


Mahalik, Nitaigour Premchand. "Advances In Packaging Methods, Processes And Systems."

Challenges (20781547) 5.2 (2014): 374-389. Academic Search Complete. Web. 8 Apr.


In Nitaigour Premchand Mahalik article, “Advances In Packaging Methods, Processes And

Systems” he speaks about the advancements in packaging and processed foods and how they

have positively affected economies around the world. Mahalik’s article comes from Academic

Search Complete, is sixteen pages long, and was published less than a year ago. Mahalik has

conducted countlessly researched similar topics for years. All this information establishes that he

and this article are a credible source. I will be using this article to prove two points: that

processed food are seen negatively when some actually benefit from, and the sciences used in

order to make processed foods and how they can benefit. For example, “The advent of

machineries, robotics, and automation technology has driven down the overall cost of processed

food versus original food products.” (2). The author goes on to say that packaging advancements

“preserved longer, protected from dust, moisture, and micro- organisms, and are odor-free” (2).

Name 5

This article will be beneficial to my paper because it prove two points in my thesis, and help

introduce the next claim.

Greene, Catherine, and William McBride. "Consumer Demand For Organic Milk Continues To

Expand--Can The U.S. Dairy Sector Catch Up?." Choices: The Magazine Of Food, Farm

& Resource Issues 30.1 (2015): 1-6. Academic Search Complete. Web. 13 Apr. 2015.

Catherine Greene and William McBride article “Consumer Demand For Organic Milk Continues

To Expand--Can The U.S. Dairy Sector Catch Up?” comes from Academic Search Complete.

The articles main purpose is to elaborate on the logistics needed in order to keep up with the high

rising demand of organic milk, and detail about the supply and demand of organic milk as well.

Both authors have researched this and related topics for years. This along with the fact that the

article was published this year assures the reader that the authors and information is up to date

and credible. The articles short six-page length does not seem impressive, but author’s history on

the topic assures the reader that the authors and information is credible. I will be using the

articles facts about the growing demand and supply of organic milk, to help prove a claim in my

essay. For example, “Numerous studies have underscored consumer preferences for organically

produced food because of their concerns regarding the environment, animal welfare, and their

own health” (1).

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