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Aristotle nicomachean ethics irwin pdf

15/10/2021 Client: muhammad11 Deadline: 2 Day

Reading Response Of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

After reading the Nicomachean Ethics reflect on the ideas, arguments, conceptions, and perspectives Aristotle offers. Consider one of them that you find intriguing, compelling, or important to your understanding of the reading. In doing so, ponder the specific reasons for why you find it intriguing, compelling, or important. Possible considerations to contemplate is the strength of an argument in terms of its validity, its truthfulness in terms of evidence that can support it, its coherence with other ideas presented in the reading, its relatability to your own life (especially the specific values and beliefs you hold--not just a story about how one time...), and how it compares with other philosophical perspectives you have encountered elsewhere. Be sure to explain the argument you choose, define philosophical concepts that you use, and provide examples to support your points. Your explanation should include textual support with citations; any citation style can be used so long as the page number of the quote or paraphrase is provided. To earn full credit and have appropriate philosophical depth, your response should be approximately 400 words.

Reading Guide for Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

This homework is designed to help you approach philosophy with the attention of a philosopher

by guiding your analysis, checking your comprehension, refreshing your memory, and

stimulating your thinking. While it will draw your attention to important parts of the text, it is not

comprehensive. Your analysis depends on your own close and careful reading. You are should

use it before, after, or as you read. You are not expected to fill this homework out and submit it

prior to the start of our class discussion on the Nicomachean Ethics, as these are the sorts of

questions that will be posed during our discussion.


• In Book I, Chapter 4, what is the main topic Aristotle discusses?

• In Book I, Chapter 5, what are the three popular conceptions of happiness that Aristotle

discusses? Does Aristotle agree or disagree with these three conceptions? Explain his

reasoning here for each conception.

• In Book I, Chapter 7, what does it mean for the human good to be a “complete end” and

“self-sufficient”? How does happiness meet Aristotle’s notion of a complete end and self-


• In Book 1, Chapter 7, what is the function of a human being according to Aristotle?

• In Book 1, Chapter 8, what kinds of actions does a good person take pleasure in


• In Book 1, Chapter 8, what external goods are necessary to achieve happiness?

• In Book I, Chapter 9, how does Aristotle believe happiness is achieved?

• In Book I, Chapter 13, what are the two parts of the human soul? What is the role of

reason in Aristotle’s conception of the soul?

• In Book I, Chapter 13, what are the two types of virtue mentioned?

• In Book II, Chapter 1, how are virtues acquired?

• In Book II, Chapter 2, how does excess and deficiency relate to being virtuous?

• In Book II, Chapter 3, what is role of education and pleasure and pain in being virtuous?

• In Book II, Chapter 6, how does Aristotle define a virtuous action with respect to its

being a mean?

• In Book II, Chapter 7, how is the virtue of bravery defined? Temperance? Generosity?

• In Book IX, Chapter 9, what role do friends play in living a happy life?

• In Book IX, Chapter 11, how are friends needed in both good and bad times in life? In

bad times, how is the presence of friends both pleasurable and painful?

• In Book IX, Chapter 12, why does Aristotle believe friends should live together?

Analysis and Evaluation:

• In Book I, reflect on Aristotle’s discussion of happiness. Does Aristotle offer compelling

reasons for the conceptions of happiness he rejects and the conception he advocates for?

Explain why or why not.

• In Book I, Aristotle mentions that happiness requires external goods. Consider his list of

external goods; do you believe happiness depends on such goods? Or does happiness not

depend on them? Explain why or why not. Support your explanation with at least one

relevant example.

• In Book IX, Aristotle argues that friendship is necessary to achieve happiness.

Considering his reasoning: does he offer compelling reasons as to why friends are

indispensable to happiness? Explain why or why not.

• In Book IX, Aristotle believes the benefits of friendship can only be fully achieved if we

are living with our friends. Consider his reasoning with respect to your own life. Have

you ever lived with friends? What tangible benefits did you discover from this

arrangement? What disadvantages (if any) arose? If you have never lived with friends,

then imagine what benefits and disadvantages might arise from such an arrangement and

decide whether or not you would want to live with friends if the opportunity manifested


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