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Asus p6x58 e pro manual

22/10/2021 Client: muhammad11 Deadline: 2 Day

PC Build Manual -

Personal Computer Build Manual Project

This is one project, but is broken up into three parts. Using the following scenario and manual guidelines, create a manual that shows an entry level technician how to build a computer from scratch. The end result is a basic manual with table of contents, pictures and logical step instructions. I have already chosen the specs for the PC.


You have been recently hired as a computer technician at a local computer sales and repair shop. The shop offers a variety of services that range from installing new applications and fixing computers to recovering lost or deleted data. One service provided by this company is the opportunity for customers to have a computer built to their personal specifications. As a technician, it is your responsibility to capture the customer’s unique requests.

As part of the training process, your manager would like to evaluate how effective you are at this task, so he asked that you complete a two-part project:

Build a computer using a list of unique specifications and troubleshoot any problems that may come up during the building process.

Create a three part user manual that documents how to build the computer.

When you are finished, you will submit each part of the user manual for review. It will ultimately be used to train new computer technicians at the shop.

After speaking with your manager about the manual, you realize that you will be very busy over the next few weeks. In addition to working on the manual, you will also be in the process of preparing for the CompTIA A+ certification. One of the conditions of your employment at this company is that you obtain this certification within 60 days of being hired. You will have to manage your time wisely, because you will have to take a practice certification test just as you are completing the final part of your manual.

Part I:

Proposal: Develop a short proposal (see attached example) to design or procure a computer system based on business needs. Selecting the appropriate parts to build and design a computer system: an appropriate power supply, CPU, and RAM. Ex: Choose a case make, model, motherboard manufacturer, capacity of RAM, and PSU sized in units of watts. I have already specified (to some extent) the specs for the PC and they are listed below.

· motherboard with Socket 1366

· power supply that supports the specified motherboard: ATX, 20+4 pn, PCIe

· Processor: Intel Core i7-960, 3.20 GHz processor

· maximum memory possible: 2 GB DDR3

· fastest hard drive possible: SATA

· CD-DVD drive with fastest connection to the motherboard, SATA

· best video card available (available on the shelf and compatible with the motherboard): DVI-I, HDMI, Crossfire, PCIe video card

Manual Section 1: Workspace Preparation by applying IT best practices

Developing documentation or a manual for each equipment or task (include photos):

Manual Section 2: Installing Motherboard
Manual Section 3: Installing Power Supply
Manual Section 4: Installing CPU
Manual Section 5: Installing RAM

Part II

For 6,7 and 8: Selecting an appropriate hard drive, optical drive, and video card for needs. Why does it meet needs/requirements?

Section 6: Installing Hard Drive ***For sections 6,7 and 8: Selecting an appropriate hard drive, optical drive, and video card for your specific needs.
Section 7: Installing Optical Drive
Section 8: Installing Video Card
Section 9: Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse
Section 10: BIOS Configuration

Part III

Section 11: Installing Windows 7 ***For section 11 & 12, you need to identify what basic settings and features are required for your needs.
Section 12: Configuring Critical Windows Features

In addition to including the sections listed below, your manual should address the environment in which the computer build will take place. For example, what are the best practices when working in a carpeted room?

Do not use computer jargon. Although the manual will be used to train new technicians, it may also be used by someone with limited computer knowledge, so the manual must be easy to understand.

Include explanations on methodology. For example, why is it important to use an antistatic grounding bracelet when working with the computer? Or why is it important to install memory sticks in pairs?

Workspace Preparation (LabSim 1.0)

Installing Motherboard (LabSim 3.3)

Installing Power Supply (LabSim 3.2)

Installing CPU (LabSim 3.4 and 3.10)

Installing RAM (LabSim 3.5)

Installing Hard Drive (LabSim 5.4)

Installing Optical Drive (LabSim 5.6)

Installing Video Card (LabSim 3.8)

Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse (LabSim 4.0)

BIOS Configuration (LabSim 3.6)

Installing Windows 7 (LabSim 10.3)

Configuring Critical Windows Features (LabSim 9.0 and 10.0)

Formatting Notes:

Use IEEE citation style

Use credible reasoning, appropriate research, and supporting evidence in communication.

No plagiarism. Will be turned in using a plagiarism checker.

The manual should not document how to complete a LabSim section; rather, it should provide detailed instructions on how to build an actual computer for a potential customer:

Bad example: "Drag the motherboard from the shelf to the motherboard plate in the system case."

Good example: "After properly grounding yourself, pick up the motherboard and place it inside the area where the motherboard will sit in the case. Align the screw holes on the motherboard with the screw holes on the case. Use appropriate screws to mount the motherboard inside the case, making sure not to scratch the surface of the motherboard."

I have also attached a step by step of the final lab simulation project, in which it details each step of the process for a PC build. This should help in creating the build manual.

Lab Report: 14.2 Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Computer Your Performance

Your Score: 4 of 5 (80%) Elapsed Time: 45 minutes 5 seconds Task Summary

Remove the failed power supply BIOS detects 6 GB of memory installed Install and connect the ATX 20+4 pin PCIe power supply Show Details Memory is installed in the correct slots for Triple Channel Mode Boot to Windows

Explanation Complete the following general steps:

1. Turn on the computer and observe the symptoms. Since the computer fails to turn on, check the power supply.

2. On the Shelf, expand the PC Tools category. 3. Drag the Power Supply Tester from the Shelf to the Workspace area. 4. Switch to the motherboard view of the computer. 5. On the motherboard, select the 20+4 pin power supply connector and drag it to the 24-pin port on the

Power Supply Tester. 6. On the motherboard, select the 8 pin CPU power connector and drag it to the 8-pin port on the Power

Supply Tester. 7. In the Selected Component window, select an unconnected 15-pin SATA power connector and drag it

to the SATA port on the Power Supply Tester. What do the lights and values on the Power Supply Tester indicate?

8. To replace the power supply, start by disconnecting the existing power supply: Disconnect the power connector from the Video card. Switch to the back view of the computer and disconnect the power cord from the power supply. Switch to the drive bays view of the computer and disconnect the power connectors from the SATA hard drive and optical drive. In the Workspace, disconnect the connectors from the Power Supply Tester. Switch to the motherboard view of the computer and drag the power supply to the Shelf or the Workspace area.

9. On the Shelf, if necessary, expand the Power Supplies category. 10. Select each power supply. In the Selected Component window, examine each of the power connectors

looking for all of the connectors required for this scenario. 11. To install the selected power supply, drag the item from the Shelf and drop it on the area above the

motherboard. 12. To connect the motherboard main power connector, drag the connector from the Selected Component

window to the motherboard connector. 13. Repeat step 12 to connect the CPU power connector and power to the Video card. 14. To connect SATA power, switch to the Drive Bays view for the computer. 15. In the Selected Component window, drag a SATA power connector to the hard drive. 16. Repeat step 15 to connect SATA power to the optical drive. 17. To plug the computer into the wall outlet, switch to the back view of the computer. 18. In the Partial Connections list for the wall plate, select the power cord.

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19. In the Selected Component window, drag the unconnected AC power connector to the power supply port.

20. On the power supply, click the power supply switch to turn it to the on position. Switch to the front view for the computer.

21. Turn on the computer to see if the computer boots. Now the computer beeps, so check the memory. 22. Click on View Hardware to go to the Workspace. 23. Click on the power button to turn the computer off. 24. Switch to the motherboard view of the computer. 25. On the Shelf, expand the PC Tools category. 26. Drag the the Memory Tester from the Shelf to the Workspace area. 27. Drag a memory module from the computer to the correct slot on the memory tester, then click Test.

Note the size, speed, and type of memory indicated on the memory tester. If the memory tester indicates BAD, drag the module to the shelf, the module is bad. If the memory tester indicates OK, return the module to the computer, the module is good.

28. Repeat step 27 for all memory modules in the computer. 29. On the Shelf, expand the Memory Modules category. 30. Identify the memory module of the same size, speed, and type as the memory in the computer. Drag

the module to the computer to replace the failed DIMM. 31. Start the computer and verify that all installed modules are recognized by the BIOS and that the

computer is able to load Windows.

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