Business Ethic

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Business Ethic

Read Resolving Ethical Business Challenges found in the textbook on pages 88-89 and write an analysis that addresses each of the following:

1. List the major ethical issue(s) that need to be addressed and the underlying fundamental moral issue(s) associated with those ethical issues? = 3 points

2. What are the facts of the situation that are relevant to the ethical dilemma which should be taken into account by Joseph? This is not a summary of the case but rather those facts that directly relate to the fundamental moral issue(s) of the case. = 3 points

3. What are all of Joseph's alternatives for addressing the major ethical issue(s)? = 3 points

4. What would Joseph do in this situation if he were to espouse a moral philosophy of Virtue Ethics? In answering this question, present a basic three-step argument similar to the one provided in the lecture titled What is morality? = 3 points

5. Now assume Joseph approaches this dilemma from a Christian Worldview. What are some Biblical scriptures/principles that may be used to guide one's response to the major issue(s). Be sure to explain your answer. = 3 points

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