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BuzzFeed Case Study Analysis & Application

11/08/2020 Client: tiger Deadline: 2 Day


1. Read the HBR Case Study “BuzzFeed- The promise of Native Advertising” and then write your Analysis and Application in response to the questions below.

 2. Your Case Analysis & Application should be completed using the provided template and be organized as follows: a. Introduction (Suggested length: 1-2 paragraphs) 1)

 Provide a brief summary of this case study. You can also include information from the BuzzFeed website and other sources to supplement this case with more recent information. 

b. Analysis/Application Answer the following questions: 

1) Think of a BuzzFeed style list that is related to your business (past, current or future) which would attract a lot of attention. What headline would you choose? Why? On what social media platforms would it be shared most often?

 2) Are people tired of this type of content (BuzzFeed style lists)? 

3) Does BuzzFeed still maintain a competitive advantage? Why or why not? 

4) BuzzFeed has been a leader when it comes to shareable content. Melissa Rosenthal states "You can trick people into clicking, but you can't trick them into sharing." What does she mean? How can you get your clients to share your content?  

 5) How do you think ideas spread on social? 

What steps can you take to produce media content that is viral, contagious, and highly shareable?

 c. Conclusion- provide a brief conclusion of your thoughts and key takeaways from this Case Study. 

d. References -must be included in the form of a reference page (APA format suggested) Formatting Requirements for this assignment are as follows: • Typed in a Word document Double spaced using font size 12 • References must be included in the form of a reference page (APA format suggested) • Include a cover page with your name, assignment and course title, and the date. • Your analysis should be no more than 5 pages in length (excluding the cover page and references). 

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