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Decision Making

12/04/2020 azharr Engineering & Sciences Graduate $15-40 (Short Assignment) 2 Day
See attachment for details of the assignment. OrganizationScience Vol. 20, No. 2, March–April 2009, pp. 422–440 issn 1047-7039 �eissn 1526-5455 �09 �2002 �0422 informs ® doi 10.1287/orsc.1090.0421 ©2009 INFORMS Renewal Through Reorganization: The Value of Inconsistencies Between Formal and Informal Organization Ranjay Gulati Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts 02163, rgulati@hbs.edu Phanish Puranam London Business School, University of London, London NW1 4SA, United Kingdom, ppuranam@london.edu We develop a theoretical perspective on how inconsistencies between formal and informal organization arising fromreorganization can help create ambidextrous organizations. We argue that under some conditions, the informal orga- nization can compensate for the formal organization by motivating a distinct but valuable form of employee behavior that the formal organization does not emphasize, and vice versa—an effect we label compensatory …
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