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Define sociocentrism

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Monitoring Your Sociocentric Tendencies

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The Nature of Sociocentrism.

Sociocentric Thinking as Pathology.

Social Stratification.

Sociocentric Thinking Is Unconscious and Potentially Dangerous.

Sociocentric Use of Language in Groups.

Disclosing Sociocentric Thinking Through Conceptual Analysis.

Revealing Ideology at Work Through Conceptual Analysis.

The Mass Media Foster Sociocentric Thinking.

Freedom from Sociocentric Thought: The Beginnings of Genuine Conscience.



Living a human life entails membership in a variety of human groups.

Nation, culture, religion and family.

Each group to which we belong imposes some level of conformity on us as a condition of acceptance.

The Nature of Sociocentrism

uncritically accept as right ad correct whatever ways of acting and believing are fostered in the social groups to which we belong.

It becomes clear to us if we reflect on what happens when, say, an adolescent joins an urban street gang.

With that act, adolescents are expected to identify themselves with a name that define who and what they are, a way of talking, a set of friends and enemies, Gang rituals in which they must participate, expected behaviors involving fellow gang members.

Sociocentric Thinking as Pathology

It is destructive as egocentric thinking, if not more so, as it carries with it the sanction of a social group.

we find a native and uncritical dogmatism implicit in its principles in both cases.

As egocentric thinking functions to serve one’s selfish interest, sociocentric-thinking functions to serve the selfish interests of the group, as egocentric thinking operates to validate the uncritical thinking of the individual, sociocentric thinking operates to validate the uncritical thinking of the group.

Social Stratification

Sociocentric systems are used in complex societies to justify differential treatment and injustices within a society, nation, or culture.

According to Plotnicov and Tuden (1970), each has social groups that are ranked hierarchically, maintain relatively permanent positions in the hierarchy, have differential control of the sources of power, primarily economic and political.

Sociocentric Thinking Is Unconscious and Potentially Dangerous

Sociocentric thinking, like egocentric thinking, appears in the mind of the person who thinks that way as reasonable and justified.

just as egocentric thinking is self-deceptive, so is sociocentric thinking. Once they have internalized a self-serving ideology, they are able to act in ways that flagrantly contradict their announces morality without noticing any contradictions or inconsistencies in the process.

Sociocentric Use of Language in Groups

Sociocentric thinking is fostered by the way groups use language.

Groups justify unjust acts and ways of thinking through their use of concepts or ideas.

In sociocentric thinkers’ life, we can find many self-serving uses of language that obscure unethical behavior.

Disclosing Sociocentric Thinking Through Conceptual Analysis

Concepts are one of the eight basic elements of human thinking.

They form the classifications, and implicitly express the theories, through which we interpret what we see, test, hear, smell and touch.

the ability to identify the difference between ideological and nonideological uses of words, concepts, and the ability to accurately analysis the network of technical meanings of words that define the basic concepts within a discipline or domain of thinking.

Revealing Ideology at Work Through Conceptual Analysis

People often have trouble differentiating ideological and nonideological uses of words.

Capitalism, an economic system in which all the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit, originally under fully competitive conditions.

Socialism, any of the various theories or systems of the ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by society or the community rather than by private individuals, with all members of society or the community sharing in the work and the products.


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