discourse journal

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discourse journal

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This journal assignment prepares us for one part of our bigger project, the Marvel Genre Challenge! What is discourse? We might think of discourse as a fancy word for “connected conversations.” When media outlets all start talking about one subject, like Get Out and racism, a discourse analysis tries to describe the conversation. By "connecting the dots," we get a better sense of the current discussion about this very popular film that spurred a lot of debate. This journal is worth 4 points (combines the journal and review quiz).

Here’s the format of the journal entry (500-600 words):

  1.  Choose only 1 folder of articles. If you're interested in the director's point-of-view, choose "Jordan Peele." If you're interested in broader discussions about race, choose the other folder.

 2.   Describe the range of information you find in this folder: Briefly (2-3 sentences each) summarize the articles in the discourse folder.

 3.   Then, start putting the texts in conversation with each other. You'll be writing something like this: "The majority of the sources about the film focus on the way that racism has….”

 4.   And then, you might write something like this: “However, two critics are more concerned with racism in an historical sense…” Note the underlined word above: However, majority…these are words you can use to make connections. You want to group writers together and distinguish writers and their concerns from other writers.

 5.   Finally, insert yourself in the conversation. Whose opinion did you agree with? In this “intellectual landscape” that you’ve mapped out, what issue or theme do you think is important?

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