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Due In 12 Hours, 830pm Estandard Standard Time. Decision Making/Business Management Homework Assignment. Two Question

03/04/2020 Client: lisajo20202020 Deadline: 2 Day

THIRD PERSON, which means do not use "I, me, my" in your responses. Use headers to organize your response. At minimum, Must use atleast 3 references with website included, with in text citation from the course material provided below APA FORMAT FROM THE COURSE MATERIAL


MDQ STEP ONE: DECISION STATEMENT (definition of what MDQ is, is attached in a file, The case study to answer the questions is attached as well.)

In week 3, Perfect Palm Oil Company (PPO) and the production plantation manager (You) will begin the process of making a decision, using the MDQ decision making model. The purpose of Week 3's Brainstorming Exercise is to discuss step one of the model, possible decision statements you come up with to be discredited through brainstorming, validate and support the correct decision statement for the Project, and to become familiar with PPO's complex decision using the model. Follow the directions step by step.

1. First Part of the Assignment:

Post your initial ideas on what the Decision Statement should be for PPO's dilemma. Consider these in creating initial decision statements for PPO in your post:

a. Identify the triggers or opportunity that is positioning the production plant manager into a situation of having to use the decision making model to make a decision.

b. Clearly state the goal the production plantation manager wants the decision to achieve for PPO. (Later on in the model, PPO will create specific objectives it wishes to accomplish in the final decision)

The course material explains that the more accurate PPO is in defining the decision statement, the happier the company will be with the final choice they make. Why is this so? Because the alternatives, objectives and people concerned in the scenario are more likely to be considered in the decision alternative that is chosen. If the decision statement is unclear, the less likely the alternatives, objectives, and people will be considered in the decision choice, which means the greater probability that PPO will not be satisfied with the final chosen alternative.


Please refer back to Week 1 on the difference between problem solving and decision making (https://wisedecisions.com/about-decision-making-why-it-is-so-hard/decision-making-vs-problem-solving/). This course and project focus on decision making using a decision making model. PPO is not solving a problem! Do not offer solutions!

Reflect on these questions and ideas in formulating a response to your initial post. You are expected to write in research paper APA style NOT Q&A format. The questions are there to help you critically think about the MDQ Model and case study.

Start by asking questions such as the following: what is the decision to be made and what it is not? Define the issues surrounding the decision. What is creating the need to decide? Pay attention to how you write the responses. Avoid providing solutions or making the decision at this point. It must not sound like you are solving a problem for PPO. A decision making model is being used by PPO to help make a decision at the end of the model not at the beginning. If you are solving a problem, you are falling into a trap and biases!

2. Next Part of the Assignment:

a. Examine the following decision statement, which is the one you will be using for the MDQ model and case study:

In responding to CAPO's attacks, how will PPO keep their customers and continue to make money?

Discuss the validity of this decision statement.

b. Why is this the correct decision statement for PPO? Why are the other possible decision statements you initially came up with incorrect? Defend and support your discussion. Your logic and argument must be clear and based on the MDQ model as well as the case study facts. If it is not supportable from the facts, it is not considered logical.

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