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Emotional intelligence includes all of the following except

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Organizational Behavior Chapter 14 Multiple Choice Questions

Leadership is the ability to:
A) influence others.
B) motivate others.
C) enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the organization.
D) all of the above.
E) none of the above.
An emotional intelligence trait referring to the extent that people are sensitive to situational cues and can adapt behaviour to match the situation:
A) Self-monitoring personality.
B) Integrity.
C) Leadership motivation.
D) Drive.
E) None of these because emotional intelligence is a behaviour, not a trait.
Each of these are one of the seven competency characteristics of effective leaders, EXCEPT:
A) drive.
B) intelligence.
C) self-confidence.
D) authority.
E) emotional intelligence.
Competencies indicate leadership:
A) performance.
B) success.
C) potential.
D) effectiveness.
E) all of the above.
The competency (trait) perspective of leadership assumes great leaders have the same personal characteristics in:
A) all situations.
B) distinct environments
C) exclusive situations.
D) identical circumstances.
E) situations of limited effectiveness.
The style of assigning employees to specific tasks, clarifying their work duties and procedures, ensuring they follow company rules, and pushing them to reach their performance capacity is:
A) people-oriented.
B) support-oriented.
C) achievement-oriented
D) task-oriented.
E) participation-oriented.
People-oriented behaviours include all of the following, EXCEPT:
A) showing trust for employees.
B) clarifying work duties and procedures.
C) demonstrating genuine concern for employees.
D) looking out for employee welfare.
E) listening to employee suggestions.
Path-goal theory has its roots in which theory of motivation?
A) Two-factor
B) Expectancy
C) Goal setting
D) Equity
E) Learned needs
The contingency perspective of leadership requires leaders to be both insightful and flexible so that:
A) they can find employees that like them and work with these employees to improve the environment.
B) they can work with employees that don't like them and reduce turnover.
C) they can adapt their behaviours & styles to the immediate situation.
D) they can learn new competencies.
E) they can add these skills to their resume.
Servant leaders expect:
A) employees to serve them.
B) to serve and help employees.
C) to direct the performance of employees.
D) to consider employee ideas before making a decision.
E) employees to reach their peak performance.
Which of these is not a leadership style identified in path-goal theory?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Directive
D) Supportive
E) Competitive
According to path-goal theory, which of these behaviours encourages employees to reach their peak performance?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Competitive
D) Supportive
E) Directive
Which of these leadership styles in the path-goal model, is detrimental when employees are skilled and experienced?
A) Participative
B) Achievement-oriented
C) Competitive
D) Supportive
E) Directive
Which leadership theory suggests that effective leaders vary their style with the "readiness" of followers?
A) Situational leadership theory
B) Path-goal theory
C) Servant leadership
D) Fiedler's contingency model
E) Competency perspective
According to empirical research, the only part (leadership style) of the situational leadership model that works is:
A) delegating.
B) telling.
C) participating.
D) selling.
E) achievement-oriented.
Fiedler’s leadership model suggests that the best style depends on the level of:
A) environmental control.
B) organizational structure.
C) situational control.
D) participation desire.
E) organizational planning.
The theory which identifies contingencies that either limit the leader's influence or make a particular leadership style unnecessary is called:
A) leadership substitutes.
B) competency-based leadership.
C) transactional leadership.
D) middle-of-the-road approach.
E) situational leadership.
Self-leadership is a:
A) type of transformational leadership.
B) form of charisma.
C) style identified in situational leadership theory.
D) leadership substitute.
E) contingency of path-goal theory.
A leadership style that helps organizations achieve their current objectives more efficiently by linking job performance to valued rewards and ensuring that employees have the resources to get the job done is called:
A) transformational leadership.
B) contingency leadership.
C) transactional leadership.
D) charismatic leadership.
E) situational leadership.
Transactional leadership is about:
A) managing.
B) leading.
C) visioning.
D) charisma.
E) gender.
A form of interpersonal attraction whereby followers develop a respect for and trust in the individual is known as:
A) direction.
B) charisma.
C) bureaucratic control.
D) achievement-orientation.
E) a competency.
The perceptual processes which explain implicit leadership include:
A) stereotyping.
B) need for situational control.
C) attribution errors.
D) all of the above.
E) none of the above

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