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English writing - Exercise 5

Open Homework Posted by: ahmad8858 Posted on: 10/09/2020 Deadline: 24 Hours

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After reading “Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning” by Christina Haas and Linda Flower, think about your own reading strategies. For this assignment specifically, make a list of at least ten things you value or believe in. (For example, you might write, “I believe society needs to improve equality in justice” or “I value devoting time to building my relationship with Christ.”) 

After making your list, consider and explain how these values and beliefs inform the way you read. What do you bring to a text as a result of these values? You need not explore your reading strategies and choices through each value individually but may examine the matter generally. 

The first portion of your response to this assignment may be a simple numbered list. Below that, provide your reflection on how these values inform what you read and how you read it. Your reflection may be as short as a medium-length paragraph or more than a page, as long as you thoughtfully consider the overall influences of your values on your reading strategies. 


A successful reflection will include the following traits: 

  • It contains a list of at least ten values and beliefs. (10 points, or 1 point each) 
  • It contains a thoughtful paragraph or more that attempts to make connections between your reading strategies and choices and your values and beliefs. (5 points) 

Total possible score: 15 points 

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