First Mini-Case Assignment: How The Strategy Process Killed Innovation At Microsoft

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First Mini-Case Assignment: How The Strategy Process Killed Innovation At Microsoft

The first mini-case assignment to be completed by all CMR 495 students is listed as Mini-Case #4: How the Strategy Process Killed Innovation at Microsoft.

To complete this assignment:

1. Read the general guidelines for mini-case responses that is referenced here: Uniform Instructions for All Mini-Case Responses

2. Read Chapters 2 and 11 in the Rothaermel text to establish an understanding of the strategy theories relevant to this mini-case.

3. Read the text of the mini-case on Microsoft in the Rothaermel text.

4. Draft your response to the mini-case, following the general guidelines referenced above. Share with the instructor for feedback, if desired.

5. Submit your draft response to the mini-case as an e-mail attachment to the instructor at baimsa@miamioh.edu if you would like early feedback (3-4 days before the due date). Submit your final response to the mini-case via Canvas no later than the due date and time specified in the course schedule.

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