Healthcare Business Case Study

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Healthcare Business Case Study

PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

Submit a PowerPoint presentation that reflects his or her responses to the questions that are found at the end of Chapter 12: Coastal Medical Center Exercise & Coastal Medical Center Questions attached.

Step One

Read the “Coastal Medical Center Comprehensive Case Study,” which is attached as PDF

Step Two

Read “Coastal Medical Center Case Answer the questions for “Coastal Medical Center Case: Exercise 12” found at the end of the chapter 12.

Use three resources (one of which should be your course textbook). Incorporate your responses into a PowerPoint presentation using the guidelines below and the sample provided:

The PowerPoint presentation shall be a minimum of 15 slides and no more than 25 slides in length.

The following guidelines will be used in preparing/grading the presentation:

1. Proper research of topic

2. Understanding of subject demonstrated

3. Proper coverage of important material

4. Clear and succinct presentation style

5. Notes pages within the PPT presentation that discuss the information in the slide (Speaker’s Notes)

6. The overall quality of the presentation compared to the overall quality of other presentations (See PPT Dos and Don’ts)

7. Times New Roman or Arial Font ONLY

8. Master Slide (1st slide) Title must not exceed 48 pt font

9. Master Slide (1st slide) must include "Your Name"

10. Title on subsequent slides must not exceed 40 pt font

11. Text on subsequent slides must be no less than 20 pt font and no greater than 28 pt font

12. Images on slides must include references

13. Animation is not permitted on slides unless relevant to the study/topic

14. Audio is not permitted on slides

15. Must include a summary slide* (may choose smaller font size). Include a summary of the topic presented. This should be 200 words in length.

16. A resource or works cited slide* in APA format – a minimum of 3 resources

*These slides (summary & reference) are not included in the # slides of required.

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