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I need 2000 words on Marketing Guide

26/08/2020 Client: azharr Deadline: 7 Days

Important Points 

Read it well to know!

Need 2000 words solution for this task as per detailed instructions available in the attached file 

And the company, u imagine it not real one for sure 

It's clear, u imagine u have a company and u apply these procedures 

It's clear inside the file 

Follow same structure 

But keep in mind that mistakes in work means no pay


Attachment 1;

Program/Qualification Code and Title Bachelor of Business  

Unit Code and Title 151HRB224/16SHRB213 Manage separation or termination

Assessment Number and Title Assessment 3– Group Report  

Assessment Type: Group work

Location: Class Room and Library

Assessment date: 11th November 2019

Assessment time/duration:
 Resources and Materials required Material supplied by the Student:  

 Material supplied by Australian College of Kuwait:   

Student Name:

Student ID:

Section (s):

Student Declaration

 By completing and submitting this signed form to my Instructor, I am stating that:

a. The attached submission is completely my own work

b. I have correctly cited all sources of information used in this work using Harvard Referencing

c. I fully understand that my submitted work will be checked against plagiarism using Turnitin Software.

d. I have fully read and understood all terms under the Code of Academic Integrity policy ACK.PLR.OD.09

e. I have kept a copy of this assessment (where practicable)

f. I understand a copy of my assessment will be kept by ACK for their records

g. I understand my assessment may be selected for use in the ACK’s moderation and audit process to ensure student assessment meets requirements

Student Signature: ______________________Date:_______________

Assessed Learning Outcomes: 1. Provide a critical overview of the field of human resource management 

2. Explain how the primary functions of HRM relate to each other and to the broader organizational strategy

3. Describe the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals

4. Discuss the emerging strategic role that HRM plays in 21st century organizations

5. Apply the concepts of HRM to problems confronting managers and organizations through practice exercises and case analysis

6. Analyze employee-employer problems using ethical and the relevant legal HRM concepts.

Assessment Tasks 

Assessment General Instructions 

 • Report format and structure - expected to use headings. 

• The overall word count should be 2,000 (+/- 10% of the stipulated words) inclusive of appendices, words in diagrams, tables and figures. This will be strictly applied.

• Where you quote directly or take ideas from something you have read you must reference these correctly using the Harvard referencing system, not numbered footnotes.

• Assignments should be word-processed and Times New Roman 12 point type.

• You are strongly advised not to use extensive appendices. The word limit includes these and you will need the words to actually answer the questions rather than supply background information.

• Diagrams are permitted, although the extensive use of graphics can sometimes reduce the impact of your work rather than enhance it and they must add value. Only use diagrams if necessary, keep them simple (avoid lots of color for example) and remember to reference them. Simple reproduction of established diagrams does not add value and will be penalized.
Assessment Specific Instructions 

 • Please note that text in diagrams or tables does count towards the word count. References and a bibliography (reference list) will not count. When submitting you must submit your assignment via Turnitin.

• Guidelines for completion:

• Submit your work with a cover sheet. This should include: 

o The course title

o Course number

o Lecturer or Tutor Name

o Assessment title

o Student ID number (not your name)

o Use page number

 Group Assessment 

Student’s details  

Student name Student ID Signature

Assessment Details  



Date submitted


This is a summative assessment encompassing material has been taught in the unit 151HRB224/16SHRB213 Manage separation or termination. Based on the students’ choice of a new starting business or an existing organization, you are required to develop a Separation and Termination Processes covering the following: (20 marks)

1.0 Introduction and Company Background 

2.0 Overview based on best practice systems of separation/termination and the legal requirements. 

2.1 Policies & procedures for separation and termination

2.2 Policies & procedures redeployment and rewrite

2.3 Strict confidentiality & respect employees’ data: policies & procedures  

2.4 Comply with legislation: policies & procedures  

3.0 Managing redundancies and redeployment without compromising any work outcomes. 

3.1 Outplacement or other assistance Policies & procedures.

3.2 Dismissals for incapacity to perform or misconduct policies and procedures. 

3.3 Policies and procedures for reviewing workforce data for predicted numbers of people retiring and make necessary plans. 

3.4 policies and procedures for reviewing separation/termination procedures regularly and introduce improvements. 

4.0 Exit Interviews: 

4.1 Plan, policies and procedures for exit interviews

4.2 Questions for exit interview. 

4.3 Staff skills to conduct them. 

4.4 Recording for depersonalising data from exit interviews is. 

End of the assessment 


Task No. Student is able to … Assessment Task Maximum Marks: Assessment Task AssignedMarks to Student: 

1 Demonstrates an exemplary understanding of link between HR policy and practice and practice- related issues and/or standards. Attains the highest standards of scholarship that can be expected of a degree-level submission. 10

2 Work demonstrates exemplary standard of critical analysis and/or originality, drawing on a very broad range of material and/or examining the topic in considerable detail. 5

3 A clear structure, coherence and well-designed policy. 5

 Assessment Weight Assessment Total Marks Achievable: Assessment Total Marks achieved by Student:


 Student and Assessor sign here to acknowledge the assessment result and any further noted actions to be taken. 

Assessor’s Feedback:   

Assessor’s Name:



Student’s Name:




Homework is Completed By:

Writer Writer Name Amount Client Comments & Rating
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