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Informative speech about mexico

28/12/2020 Client: saad24vbs Deadline: 7 Days

Topic: Mexican Celebrations/ Traditions

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of some of Mexico’s celebrations and traditions.

Thesis Statement: There are some Mexican celebrations that are considered traditions such as a Quinceanera, Dia de los Muertos, and Posadas.


I. A couple of months before turning fifteen, my parents gave me the option to either have a

quinceanera or get a car. Hispanic girls at that age tend to have a quinceanera, but I chose to get the car instead.

II. My parents are from Mexico so I have a Hispanic background. Because of my cultural

background, my parents thought it was important for me to know some of their celebrations.

III. So, today I am going to share with you what I know about these celebrations, which are

having a quinceanera, el dia de los muertos, and having a posada.


I. A quinceanera is a celebration where a fifteen-year-old girl is introduced to society as a young lady.

A. Preparing for her quinceanera is always an exciting task for the girl. There are several things that need to be bought, rehearsed, and finally prepared for the big day.

1. The first thing on every girl’s mind is the dress. Usually the girl gets to pick out her dress or have it custom made by someone. It can range from simple to big and fancy and colorful. Most girls go all out.

2. Because most girls have a spectacular event, the ballroom location is important to them too. This is where all their friends and family come after the church service to finally celebrate her transition in life.

3. Then, the Honor court is an important part of this tradition. The honor court consists of the girl’s friends and relatives. They are the ones who will dance with the girl at the party.

B. After they have everything planned, the big day finally arrives full of excitement for the girl.

1. It all starts out at the church service. This is where the girl gets introduced as a young lady. After the church service, the young lady heads out to the ballroom to enjoy the celebration

2. At the ballroom, there are various kinds of decorations and traditions that go along with it. Usually, the decorations go with the dress color, and the father gives a speech.

3. After that, the honor court along with the quinceanera, perform their dance. It consists of the group waltz, the father/ daughter dance, and finally ends with the girl dancing with several of the male guests.

Transition: As important as people take a quinceanera, they take the Dia de los Muertos seriously too.

II. Dia de los Muertos means “Day of the Dead.”

A. So what exactly is El Dia de los Muertos?

1. It is a two-day celebration that celebrates the dead. It starts on November 1 and ends November 2.

2. The first day is to remember all the children who have died, and the second day is for all the adults who have passed away.

3. Altars are made for the people’s loved ones. Family/friends will usually cook the favorite dish of their loved one, bring a photo, and light a candle at their altar.

B. After they finish the altar, they take the next step.

1. People walk outside around the city with the altar they have built to take to the tomb of the one who has passed away. They also bring along flowers and sing songs on their way to the tomb.

2. Because it is such an important day in Mexico, stores will sell all kinds of candy and bread.

3. Candy skulls are made with the name of the person on there and pan de muerto is also made. This means “bread of the dead,” which is just really sugar bread.

Transition: As exciting as the last two Mexican traditions/ celebrations, there is one more that really tops it all.

III. Probably the most exciting celebration/tradition is the Posada.

A. The Posada happens at night and it starts December the sixteenth and goes through the twenty-fourth.

1. Every night, people visit seven houses.

2. The people bring candles and sing songs at the houses they visit.

3. Music is also played when walking around to visit houses.

B. It truly is an exciting event. It is a time where everyone comes together despite any differences they may have and rejoice together.

1. Besides the singing, people always greet each other in a very kind manner. Some bring along food to hand out.

2. Others already have appetizers waiting at home for those who come to sing.

3. On the night of the twenty-fourth, many go to the church service then to a type of reception hall to celebrate. There is a lot of food, desserts, and candy.

Transition: These are just some of the big celebrations/traditions seen in the Mexican culture.


I.As I said before, my parents thought it was important for me to know about these celebrations.

They taught me about the Quinceanera, Dia de los Muertos, and the Posada.

II.While I chose not to have a quinceanera of my own nor have I partcipated in dia de los muertos or posada, I did go to my cousin’s quinceanera, which was very exciting. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one or more of these events, I encourage you to do so.


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