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Informative speech critique example

29/03/2021 Client: saad24vbs Deadline: 2 Day

Assignment: Self Critique (75 points total)


This assignment gives you an opportunity to watch your informative speech and reflect on your performance and preparations for that speech. Using the same rubric your instructor uses to grade your speech, you will consider what went well in your speech and what needs improvement.


Research in the field of communication shows that students are better able to develop their public speaking skills when given the opportunity to critique and reflect on their own performance and preparation as a speaker. By more fully understanding the criteria your instructor uses to grade you, you will be able to more effectively prepare for your later speeches.

Learning Objectives

· Analyze your own performance on the Informative Speech

· Reflect on how you prepared for the speech

· Apply the COMM 1020 rubric to your own speech

· Plan for better and more effective speech preparation

The Essay

To start, you will need to watch the video of your informative speech. The video will be posted on Canvas for you by your instructor. Once you’ve watched your video, you will write a 3.5 - 4 page essay (typed in Times New Roman or Helvetica 12 point font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins) analyzing your performance and your preparation. You will label the sections of your paper with the headings below. Each section of your essay should fully address the questions asked in each part below. You should use very specific examples from your speech video and your preparation to support your ideas. When you make a claim, you should back it up with evidence. Your essay should be carefully proofread and represent your best work. Deductions will be assessed for more than three grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors.

This essay is due ONE WEEK after your informative speech performance.

Part 1: Reflection on Speech Content Preparation

· What was your strategy to stay organized during your preparation?

· What was your topic and how did you choose this topic?

· How did you analyze your audience?

· How did you go about writing your specific purpose and central idea?

· How did you do your research for your topic? Was this an effective strategy?

· How did you go about crafting your outline? Was this an effective strategy?

· How and why did you select your visual aids?

· In considering all of the above questions, how satisfied were you with the various aspects of your preparation process?

· Was the preparation process successful? Why or why not?

· What were the less successful aspects of your preparation process? Why?

Part 2: Reflection on Speech Delivery Preparation

· What process did you go through to practice the oral and physical delivery of your speech?

· How did you practice your presentational aids? Was this effective? Why or why not?

· How did you manage your communication apprehension?

Part 3: Reflection on Speech Performance

· After watching the video of your speech and using the COMM 1020 Instructor Feedback Form for the Informative Speech, what is your evaluation of your performance in terms of the following:

· Delivery (eye contact, vocal variety, rate, volume, articulation, language, physical delivery, etc.)

· Organization (introduction, body, conclusion, main points, transitions, reasoning)

· Use of sources and source citations

· Presentational Aid (clear and easy to see, used appropriately, designed effectively)

· Was your speech relevant to your audience? Did you continue to adapt even as you were speaking?

· What were the overall strengths and weaknesses in your performance?

· Did your speech preparation process assist you in your speech delivery? Why or why not?

Part 4: Goal Setting

· After considering the effectiveness of your speech preparation, discuss at least three goals you would like to achieve in this area in order to enhance your next speech performance.

· After considering the effectiveness of your overall speech presentation, discuss at least three goals you would like to achieve in this area to enhance your next presentation.

· How can you increase your effectiveness in terms of adapting your speech to your audience? Discuss at least two goals in this regard.

Evaluation of Self Critique:

· Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

· Your insights into the connections between processes and outcomes

· Very specific references to preparation steps and parts of your speech (both content and delivery)

· Accurate references to course material

· General quality and comprehensiveness of the essay as well as accurately following the prescribed formatting guidelines as specified

· Represents your best work and is largely free of grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors

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