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26/10/2020 Client: arwaabdullah Deadline: 10 Days



1. Record your food and beverage intake for three days (two weekdays and one weekend day).

2. Make sure you estimate and record the amount of each item (cups, ounces, slices, Tbsp, etc.).

Use food labels and the following guidelines to help you estimate food amounts.

Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

1 ½ oz-wt of cheese 3 dominoes, 1 small hotel soap,

1 wrapped slice, 1 ½ thumbs

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts

2-3 oz-wt of cooked meat a deck of cards, palm of your hand

3 oz-wt 1 breast of chicken

2 oz-wt 1 chicken thigh

½ cup of cooked dry beans regular light bulb, ice cream scoop, ½ baseball

2 Tbsp. of peanut butter golf ball

1/3 cup or 1 oz-wt of nuts a handful


1 cup raw leafy vegetables 4 whole lettuce leaves, baseball

½ cup of other vegetables, regular light bulb, ice cream scoop, ½ baseball

cooked or chopped raw

1 medium potato computer mouse


1 medium fruit (apple, orange, pear, etc.) average woman’s fist, tennis ball

½ cup of chopped, cooked, canned fruit regular light bulb, ice cream scoop, ½ baseball

Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta

½ cup of cooked cereal, rice, pasta regular light bulb, ice cream scoop, ½ baseball

1 cup of ready-to-eat cereal baseball


3. Type your 3-day Diet Record in the following format with 12-point font.

Day 1

Food Amount

1 cup

Food Item

cinnamon and spice Quaker instant oatmeal

1 each

1 cup or 8 fl-oz

2 slices

2 Tbsp

1 Tbsp

6 oz-wt

1 oz-wt

1 each

2 slices

1 can or 12 fl-oz

banana (9” long)

1% milk

whole wheat Oroweat bread

chunky Jif peanut butter

strawberry preserves

99% fat free raspberry Yoplait yogurt

string cheese

red delicious apple (3” diameter)

Round Table medium cheese pizza

diet Pepsi

Day 2…

4. Submit your 3-day Diet Record shown in #3.


You need internet and WileyPlus access to utilize this program.


1. Overview of IProfile: Before you begin, please watch the following video for a brief overview of IProfile and introduction to navigating the software:




2. Accessing IProfile: You can access IProfile through

a the “Read, Study & Practice” tab or

b by clicking the IProfile icon in the Resource Ribbon or

c by clicking on “IProfile: Getting Started” in the chapter area

3. Creating your profile: Once you are logged in, begin by creating your profile. Create your profile by clicking on the profile tab. Fill in your name, date of birth, gender, height and weight. BMI will

automatically be calculated for you. To determine your activity level, open the link on the left

“What is my activity level?” This will give you four activity levels to choose from. Being a smoker

or vegetarian will affect your nutrient needs. So, if either of these applies to you, please select the

appropriate box or boxes. Once you complete your profile, please select save changes.

4. Logging in your food intake record and activity that you perform: To log in your food intake record, click on the “Food Journal” Tab. Find the food you have eaten by entering them in the

Search Foods/Recipes field on the left. If you need additional help with your search, there are

many useful “Search Tips” that are found in the “Help” section of IProfile. Use the “Activity

Journal” to input activities and exercises that you performed.

5. Generating reports: Once you have all the foods entered for the three days, click on the “Reports” tab to access the list of reports generated by IProfile. First select the start and end dates

to average your reports and the meals you would like to see data for. You must include all the

meals you have in Part I. Download and save the pdf version of following reports to submit them

as the second part of your project:


a My DRI (Complete View)

b Macronutrient Distribution

c Food Journal Summary (View by Day of the Week)

d Intake Compared to DRI (Complete View)

e My Plate

f Activity Journal Summary

g Energy Balance

6. Once the self-evaluation (Part III below) is complete, please add it to your three-day diet record (Part I) and your reports (Part II) and save all the documents as one pdf document. Please combine

the parts in the following order: Part I, Part II, and Part III. For information on how to combine

multiple documents into one pdf file, please refer to the instructions listed on Titanium.

5. If you experience any technical problems with the program itself (i.e. it will not download, your

password does not work, etc.) you need to phone the publisher/website of the program ASAP. Do

not wait until the day before your project is due. You can reach Wiley Technical Support by phone

at 1-877-586-0192.



Write a paper evaluating your current eating habits using your Iprofile 3.0 analysis and information

obtained from class (lecture, activities, hand-outs, etc.) and your text. Paper must be typed and

double-spaced. Paper should be at least 3 pages and no more than 5 pages. Consider all the

following points and include a subheading for each paragraph.

1. What personal and family health conditions should be considered when evaluating your diet

(BMI, pregnancy, eating disorders, overweight/obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)? Explain. Do

these health conditions affect your food choices? Explain.

2. Using your “Energy Balance” report, identify what percentage of your calorie need was fulfilled

over the course of the three days. Does this indicate the probability of weight loss, weight gain, or

weight maintenance? Does this reflect what actually occurred over the weeks surrounding your

Food Record? Explain. If it does NOT, how will the accuracy of the rest of your analysis likely be

affected? Were you actually trying to lose or gain weight? Explain.

3. Using your “MyPlate” report, discuss whether or not you are eating according to the MyPlate

guidelines. If you are NOT, explain which food groups need to be improved and how this could

be achieved.


4. Identify and review each of the nutrients in your “My DRI” and “Intake Compared to DRI”

reports, including individual vitamins and minerals. Discuss which foods you could reasonably

add to your diet in order to increase or decrease intake (if applicable) of each nutrient. Be specific.

Use the “Single Nutrient” report to learn about specific nutrients (as a guide/and for ideas).

5. Using your “Macronutrient Distribution” report, discuss whether or not you were within the recommended ranges for percentage of calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat. If you were

out of the ranges, what adjustments could you make to your diet in order to move within the

recommended ranges?

6. Discuss your energy expenditure using your “Activity Journal Summary” report.

7. Discuss whether or not you are currently using any “self-prescribed” nutrition “supplements.”

Does your analysis indicate that you actually need to do so? Why or why not? What would the

specific advantages/disadvantages be of continuing or beginning this practice?

8. Use the information above, plus your reading and class work this semester, to summarize the

strengths and weaknesses of your current diet. Choose and prioritize 2 specific goals you would

like to meet over the next few months in order to take advantage of the strengths and overcome the

weaknesses identified above. Decide on 4 steps (2 steps for each goal) you can reasonably take so

that you might begin to do this. BE SURE THAT YOUR GOALS AND STEPS COINCIDE


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