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managing people

Completed Homework Posted by: flanwords Posted on: 26/12/2020 Deadline: 2 Day

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Write ONE individually researched 2000 (+/-10%) word essay

Select one industry of your choice and one topic from the list below to discuss how working lives have been impacted by COVID-19.

Using theory from the term to analyse the industry, consider how working lives have been altered through changing work practices.

Your answer should pick one of the topics in the list below to analyse how employees have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (from approximately December 2019 to today). You can do further research on an industry of your choice through using news articles, company websites and industry magazines. You can use examples of companies in your answer and it is optional to focus on either one company or multiple companies in the industry.

Pick one of the following topics in your answer:

●Structures of companies and the impact on job design

●Working culture

●Groups and team work

●Power and control

●Individual identities

●Gender and work

●Ethics in organizations


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