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Organise and complete daily work activities resources

29/12/2020 Client: saad24vbs Deadline: 3 days

BSBWOR202 Organise and complete daily work activities

Learner Instructions 1a

(Organise work schedule)

Submission details

Students Name

Student ID


Assessor’s Name

Assessment Date/s

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You must review the scenario and complete the tasks below in order to demonstrate your underpinning knowledge of the subject matter.

Assessment description

Assessment will comprise several tasks based on the following scenario:

Great news! You have been successful in gaining a level 2 administrative position at the Getwell Community Health Centre (GCHC) in your local town or suburb.

The centre provides a wide range of health and welfare services to people within the surrounding areas.

There is a management team, twelve clinical staff and six admin workers. Your position description is in Appendix 1 and information on the organisation’s goals is in Appendix 2.


1. Read the questions carefully and write your answers in the spaces provided.

2. If you do not understand any questions, ask your assessor to interpret them for you.

3. Answer all the questions on the test in the allocated time.


Classroom-based learners

· You will undertake these tasks as part of Session 4, the assessment session.

· Complete the tasks in the allocated time and submit it so that they can be easily read and understood by your assessor.

Candidate: I declare that this work has been completed by me honestly and with integrity and that I have been assessed in a fair and flexible manner. I understand that the Institute’s Student Assessment, Reassessment and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines apply to these assessment tasks.

Signature: ___________________

Date: ____/_____/_____


Question 1

Read the vision, mission, values and goals statements of GCHC in Appendix 2. Why do organizations write a formal statement to outline what is important to them?

Question 2

‘SMART goals’ is a popular method of checking if your personal goals are well defined. In your own words, write down what each letter refers to and give an example for each.






Question 3

Write down a short-term, medium-term and long term personal work goal that is in line with the organisation’s goals in Appendix 2. Then think of some personal and physical resources that you will need to achieve the goal. Make sure the goals are SMART goals.

Short-term work goal (next six months):

Personal resources needed:

Physical resources needed:

Medium-term work goal (next two years):

Personal resources needed:

Physical resources needed:

Long-term work goal (two to five years):

Personal resources needed:

Physical resources needed:

Question 4

What steps can you take to discuss and agree on these goals with your supervisor?

Question 5

‘A plan is just a goal written down’. Do you think this statement is true or false? Circle your choice and give reasons for your answer.

True False. Reasons:

Question 6

What is meant by the following terms?

Business plan:

Operational plan:

Project plan:

Question 7

Read the position description in Appendix 1. Refer to the tasks list in dot-point 1. What tasks do you think have the highest and lowest priority in your admin role at GCHC?

Highest priority:




Lowest priority:




Question 8

At GCHC there are three admin workers who take turns to attend the reception desk during the day. Read the position description in Appendix 1. Refer to the tasks list in dot-point 1 and fill in the following timetable to plan a “normal day”.






















Question 9

In your own words, explain how to plan and manage your time in the workplace. You may reflect on your use of time management tools (such as priority lists and diaries) and the benefits (to yourself and your organisation) of time management.

Appendix 1: Position description

Organisation Getwell Community Health Centre

Role title Administrative Officer

Classification level AO2


· Perform confidential administrative support services relevant to the efficient operation of the respective work area. Tasks may include:

· Reception: telephone and in person.

· Maintenance of filing systems and registers, both hard copy and electronic.

· General typing.

· Medical typing.

· Operation and maintenance of office equipment.

· Monitoring supplies of stock and re-ordering as required.

· Processing internal and external mail.

· Banking and petty cash duties.

· Maintain knowledge of legislation, policies, procedures, guidelines and protocols relevant to the efficient operation of the allocated work area.

· Provide a confidential, customer focused service to all clients, both internal and external.

· Practice high levels of communication and interpersonal skills to create and foster team spirit within a multidisciplinary environment.

· Organise workload to ensure priorities and deadlines are met.

· Participate in professional development opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills.

· Actively participate in a working environment supporting quality human resource management practices including employment equity, antidiscrimination, workplace health and safety, and ethical behaviour.

Key skill requirements/competencies

· Knowledge of general office practices and equipment.

· Knowledge and skills in the use of computerised systems.

· Effective interpersonal, written and oral skills.

· Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team environment.

· Ability to prioritise work and meet deadlines.

· Understanding of workplace health and safety, employment equity and ethical behaviour.

Appendix 2: Organisational goals

Getwell Community Health Centre

Our vision ‘A community that values fairness, health and wellbeing.’


Our mission Getwell Community Health Centre will provide health and community services that are accessible and relevant to the needs of our community. We do this by working together with trust and respect.


Our values Respect: We work with integrity, honesty and trust and value diversity. We acknowledge our history and past achievements.

Excellence: We strive for innovation and best outcomes.

Partnerships: We work with the community and sector to deliver healthier communities.

Leadership: We strive for social justice through strong and consultative advocacy.


Our goals Develop a regional service.

Focus on primary health care.

Adopt a ‘whole of life’ approach to health.

Maintain a skilled and responsive health workforce.

Strengthen approaches to recruitment and retention.

Obtain population-based funding.

Focus on early intervention and preventative approach.

Incorporate local communities into decision making and planning processes.

Define services and roles for health units.


BSBWOR202 Learner Instructions 1a

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