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26/03/2020 Client: felana45 Deadline: 24 Hours
1. In the context of roles of a superior team leader, relating refers to   A. exhibiting social and political awareness, caring for team members, and building trust.   B. influencing team members as well as obtaining external support for teams.   C. delegating authority, being flexible regarding team decisions, and coaching.   D. seeking information from managers, peers, and specialists, and investigating problems systematically. 2. _______ are positive consequences that motivate behavior.  A. Behavioral antecedents  B. Reinforcers   C. Biases  D. Effectors 3. Aaron, the CEO of a multinational company, has decided to implement certain new corporate processes for increased efficiency and productivity. He wishes to conduct the implementation in a phased manner in all divisions of the company, throughout the world. Also, he …
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