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Physics 2

21/05/2020 mmm78901 Business & Management Graduate $15-40 (Short Assignment) 2 Day
Problem set number 11.Only the ones that are not greyed out. Physics 226 Fall 2013 Problem Set #1 NOTE: Show ALL work and ALL answers on a piece of separate loose leaf paper, not on this sheet. Due on Thursday, August 29th 1) Skid and Mitch are pushing on a sofa in opposite directions with forces of 530 N and 370 N respectively. The mass of the sofa is 48 kg. The sofa is initially at rest before it accelerates. There is no friction acting on the sofa. (a) Calculate the acceleration of the sofa. (b) What velocity does the sofa have after it moves 2.5 m? (c) How long does it take to travel 2.5 m? 2) You have three force vectors acting on …
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