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Povery And Income Inequality

26/04/2020 Client: azharr Deadline: 24 Hours
Topic selection: Every student should write on the following topic belonging to the following chapter in the textbook: Chapter 14: Poverty and Income Inequality. Format and Criteria: The research paper should be 6-8 pages long (at least) excluding the bibliography page, Your paper should consist of three parts and should include and discuss the following matters: Summarize the selected chapter (1.5 – 2 pages) (textbook) - part 1; Select one problem described and discussed in this chapter and analyze it using the additional not related to the textbook materials (2-3 pages) (independent sources) - part 2; Discuss how this problem affects you of people whom you know. If you think that this problem has a solution discuss it (2.5- 3 pages) - part 3. The …
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