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Power, Influence, And Persuasion

01/05/2020 azharr Accounting & Finance High School $10-30 (Short Assignment) 24 Hours
Module 1 - Case Assignment Overview https://tlc.trident.edu/content/enforced/116131-MGT420-2017OCT02FT-2/Koch.png?_&d2lSessionVal=hvgPbIzTaFlNmMASVkyrqYlT1&ou=116131Koch Industries is one of the most profitable privately held corporations in the country. In spite of being owned primarily by four brothers, it has not been immune from intense internal power plays and intrigue. A decades-long dispute between CEO Charles Koch and his younger brother Bill Koch led first to an internal battle for control of the company and ended with a lawsuit between the brothers. Carefully review the background materials regarding sources of power within an organization and influence tactics. Examples of sources of power include reward power, coercive power, legitimate power, and expert power. Examples of influence tactics include forming coalitions, pressure, and exchanging favors. Make sure to understand the main power sources and influence tactics …
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