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Research Assignment

12/11/2022 Client: princessphilips2 Deadline: 2 Day

Week 1

The Profession of Nursing

Factors that influence health, the health care delivery system, the nursing process and ethics in nursing

Week 2

Legal Aspects of Nursing

Nurse practice acts, legal liability and patient protection regulations

Week 3

Communication and Interpersonal Relations in Nursing

The nurse-patient relationship, patient instruction and discharge planning

Week 4

Asepsis and Infection Control

Fundamentals of infection control, wound healing and sterilization of instruments

Week 5

The Body's Defenses

The immune system, inflammation and ways to boost the body's defenses

Week 6

Medication Administration

Pharmacokinetics, drug administration routes and sites and factors that impact medication's action

Week 7


Environmental hazards, devices to promote safety and safety case studies

Week 8


Basics of hygiene, factors that influence personal hygiene and hygiene products

Week 9

Rest and Sleep

States of consciousness, the sleep cycle and hypnosis

Week 10

Mobility and Immobility

How nurses can help preserve muscles and joints in patients, ways of positioning patients and the impact of impaired mobility on the body

Week 11


Types of pain, individualized responses to pain and pain management

Week 12


Classes of nutrients, the gastrointestinal system and agents to promote nutrition

Week 13


The urinary system, causes of disturbances in bowel elimination and agents to promote elimination

Week 14


Anatomy of the respiratory system, influences on oxygenation and ways to promote oxygenation

Week 15

Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Maintaining the fluid and electrolyte balance, causes of imbalance and agents used to promote balance

Summarize each topic we will cover in the next fifteen weeks.

Research the topic for each week and define in one paragraph what the topic states we will be cover. Upload to get credit for this weeks assignment

please makes each topic separate

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