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Santana Rey, Owner Of Business Solutions, Decides To Prepare A Statement Of Cash Flows For Her Business. (Although The Serial...

26/03/2020 felana45 Business & Management Undergraduate $10-40 (Short Assignment) 24 Hours
Santana Rey, owner of Business Solutions, decides to prepare a statement of cash flows for her business. (Although the serial problem allowed for various ownership changes in earlier chapters, we will prepare the statement of cash flows using the following financial data.) BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Income Statement For Three Months Ended March 31, 2016   Computer services revenue $ 25,107   Net sales 18,493   Total revenue 43,600   Cost of goods sold $ 14,152   Depreciation expense—Office equipment 400   Depreciation expense—Computer equipment 1,180   Wages expense 2,550   Insurance expense 465   Rent expense 2,175   Computer supplies expense 1,275   Advertising expense 520   Mileage expense 230   Repairs expense—Computer 940   Total expenses 23,887   Net income $ 19,713 BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Comparative …
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